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" I would not have made it five years through this circumstance if it were not for the fact that I found others, mostly online, who were experienceing near identical events in their own lives, some even, far more severe and creepy than my own. This section is devoted to making available certain of those persons works and as well certain sites which will help others wishing to investigate the FOIPA act. "
FOIPA Resources
  Do you want to learn more about the FOIPA Act? Look here to find various resources related to the history of the FOIPA act as well as various sites which will help you to submit the most effective requests.
For Victims of Gang Stalking and Harrassment
  Have you or someone you know experienced circumstances similar to those outlined in this site? What exactly is gang stalking, anyway? What defense does any given individual have against organized assaults on his/her character or property? What about the mental stress created by such assaults? - Various Resources
  Here I've made certain other pages available that might help you better use this site. Also, you can get my contact information here and various other tidbits.
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