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" This tab focuses on everything I know about the investigation, at least everything I'm comfortable with discussing publically. What's being investigated? Who is involved in the way of local and federal agencies? What have I heard via rumor to be the desired goals of the investigators?"
  The Bank and FDIC
  Ground zero insofar as my awareness of an investigation; prior to my employment with this bank, I had no idea an investigation, much less gang stalking and surviellance existed.
  Nature of Investigation
  What exactly have I found that I am being investigated for? What are the ultimate objectives of those doing the investigating?
Who is Involved?
  What are the primary agencies, either federal or local, that are behind the investigation? How have social circles connected with certain friends of my immediate family been employed?
Proof of Investigation
  What evidence, other than official agency data, have I gathered to support my claim of being the subject of an investigation?
Objectives of Investigators
  How have the agencies directing the investigation tried to end it? How do various Behavioral Science groups and/or divisions factor in to the overall objectives?
Fact vs. Fantasy
  Considering, grossly, the claims made against me, is any of it grounded in fact? How have various kernels of truth been twisted by the investigators and rifled through rumor campaigns to increase community and social hysteria?
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