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"2Covert druggings, local smear campaigns and effectively generated public myths regarding my mental condition have all been employed by the investigators and others in an attempt to induce signs of clinical psychosis and eventual breakdown; also, to constantly build a public persona of ill repute within any given community that I should be a part of."
Gang Stalking and Harassment
  How have gang stalking and harassment groups within the community been used by the investigation? What is gang stalking, anyway?
Rumors and Slander
  How has rumor and slander been employed to obliterate the majority of my traditional social support systems? What are some specific examples, discovered by myself and even cited by others, of the methods employed by the agencies involved in the investigation?
The Anatomy of a Set Up
  From covert druggings to false witness testimony, what purpose do the various incrimination attempts which have been employed against me serve? Is there a specific design inherent in the variety, frequency and types of assaults?
Various Examples of Set Up Attempts
  Here find discussed in detail the full range and types of wrongful incrimination attempts that have already occurred against me, many of which were witnessed by others.
Covert Druggings
  Why have the primary set up attempts so often involved covert druggings? What drugs have been used in the various druggings? How do the primary drug types support the agencies overall objectives?
A Myth of Mental Illness
  What role has supposed mental illness played, especially as a tool employed by the investigation itself in it's goal of discrediting my attempts to gain information regarding the investigation?
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