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Part II - Surreptitious Acoustic Signal Modulation, Voice Projection, and Direct Brain Interface
Allen Barker, Aug. 19, 2002

This article deals with the technology to surreptitiously or overtly send "voices" to people.  This is a longtime dream of psychological warfare and operations people, and much research and development has gone into it.  Huge sums of money have been spent developing ways to send voices, in any and all ways, to targeted people.  Many technologies are openly known to exist, and more sophisticated ones no doubt exist in secret.  One name for this is synthetic telepathy; another is voice-to-skull (v2s) technology.  I also discuss methods for sensing brainwaves and converting these to voice signals, i.e., brainwave-to-voice (b2v) devices.

I assume the standard model of all technology, but at the end I mention the mixed model for those into that (and for the reasons I have outlined earlier).  For the background of the model system on which this article is based, see the previous article in the series, "Models of Synthetic Telepathy."  Later articles in the series are listed at the end.

I cover a lot of possibilities, which I hope is not confusing.  But the reality is that under uncertainty you have to keep all reasonably likely models in mind.  As before, I do not cover the mental illness possibility because I have written about that elsewhere.  I have gotten enough external confirms to know my case is not that.  There are many other credible victims, there is a long history of US mind control abuses, there are documented victims still ignored, and all of the technology either exists in the open or likely exists in the secret sector.

Subliminal and surreptitious voices

Of all the sounds that can be sent, why voices?  Why the fascination with that, as opposed to other sounds?  The obvious reason is deniability, since our society is currently set up so anyone claiming to experience such things risks being called crazy, and anyone talking of such things risks being called a kook.  The deeper reason is because human beings are social animals living in a society and communicating by language.  People tend to think in terms of language.  People can be controlled by language.  You can put a voice projector in a dog's brain and tell it to "sit" and "stay," but only humans can take complicated directions in language.  In this sense, humans are more vulnerable than other animals.  Consider how language is used by the con man, the hypnotist, the politician, the lawyer, and the preacher.  The playground taunter.  Words can indeed hurt you.

There are many methods for sending surreptitious sound.  Openly known devices exist which can localize sounds to a particular location from 30 yards and more, for example.  In a simple application, one could just hide a small piezo speaker to simulate high-frequency sounds like bird songs and crickets chirping.  (One might also consider the effects of certain EM waves on real crickets and birds.)

One technique to hide subliminals is to mask them with ambient noise in the environment.  This noise might be purposely created and disguised as ambient, like a fake bird call that is run for a while and then has subliminal speech slipped in, or it may be naturally occurring noise that the voice modulated signal is matched to in frequency.  This is analogous to hiding the transmission frequency of an audio bug near something like a radio station to make detection difficult.  Another technique to hide subliminals is to process the signal so it does not consciously register as a voice signal but has some subconscious effect.  On something like a direct brain send a very low "volume" signal may register subconsciously but not consciously.

The main technique this article deals with is subliminal voices hidden in the natural sounds of appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, computer fans, and other electric devices, especially those with motors.  This follows largely from my own empirical study of the harassing voices I am bombarded with day and night, as well as from listening to other victims.  I speculate on some possible methods of modulating and sending such voices.  For a description of some experiments in this regard, see the web site [ .... ], where it is described how a computer disk drive's sound can be modulated with transients on the power line.  According to a demonstration there by John Vincent, "transients and RF on 120VAC Neutral return and ground lines can and do induce annoying acoustic resonance into various appliances."  Any sort of controllable acoustic effects can likely be voice-modulated.  Sound might even be modulated onto the low-frequency signals of acoustic sources like large transformers, and thus carry over large distances.  In a city there is almost nowhere you can go to escape the hum of motors and electrical devices.

For people who hear voices "in their head," try this just as an experiment.  If you hear a voice, stop and listen closely to the ambient noise, especially hums and rattles of electrical equipment. Turn your head slowly to see if it has a directionality.  In my case that turns out to almost always be the source of the "voice."  It seems like it is in your head, but it may be externally sent to your "simulated third ear."  The Russian acoustic psycho-correction devices were reported to use such an acoustic modulation technique to cause a voice that seemed to originate in a person's head (and the rights are currently owned by a Richmond, Va. company).  Musicians and audiophiles may have a better ear for this, since they are used to picking out one part of a sound from a soundscape.  The sound is very directional to the sound source when you externalize it.

Besides the ever-present electrical hum, there are other sources of sound like jets passing overhead that might be voice-modulated or have voice signals hidden under them.  At least as early as Vietnam, psyop sounds were broadcast from helicopters, for example.

I mentioned possible power-line modulation methods above, but there are other possibilities.  How might a pulsed EM wave interact with an operating motor for example?  The motor effect might even be a side effect of another send technique.  There are other methods of sending voice-to-skull, like pulsed microwave techniques.  These might be matched to the ambient noise in order to hide the signals, or even hidden in a tinnitus-like signal, natural or artificial.  One technique may even be used to mask the use of another.  ("I couldn't discern the Frey signal voices because of the acoustic masking voices or frequencies.")   A complicated sound source like an electric motor driving a fan can have a fairly large spectrum.  There may even be more than one voice layered in there at different frequency bands or with different modulations.

[I've been making a few recordings to try to capture these voices that harass and berate me day and night now.  It is somewhat hard to evaluate the recordings, though, because they try to mess with your perceptions when you listen.  The real-world low frequencies permeate everything, even earplugs.  I have even caught them at this a few times when listening to recordings.  They send signals on the external ambient audio (and whatever other send technique) to deceive you as you listen.  They cannot quite keep it up consistently, though.  I can pull off my headphones real fast and catch the signal in the external ambient noise.  You can actually hear that they turn up the external sources when you have on headphones to listen.  They cannot quite synchronize with the digital recordings if you start at a random place or move it slightly, or if you repeat it enough times.  (Once I forgot to turn on the microphone and they still tried to fake a signal there.)  They either want me to think something is there when it is not or they want me to not hear what is really there.]

Finally, suppose there really is no external modulation -- even though the signal seems highly directional and sometimes blatantly obvious. This is a very important possibility to keep in mind.  It may be that, rather than modulating the signal on the audio send, they are modulating it on the audio receive in your brain.  If you assume a direct brain read, then you also need to consider a direct brain send, which I discuss in the next section.  And of course keep in mind that there are multiple techniques which could be used simultaneously in a large-scale operation.

Direct brain interface (DBI)

Assume now a direct brain interface.  The most likely model for this is some sort of miniaturized brain implants, probably a distributed array of microsensors.  Assume as one model that these microsensors are injected or blasted into the auditory cortex and surrounding regions of the brain.  Perhaps other sections also, like the visual cortex.  They might just scattershot truly miniature sensors and have them self-organize via feedback later.  Perhaps a compressed air blast up the nostril, for example.  Some mind control literature mentions liquid crystals, or there may be ways to crystallize a fluid flowing in the bloodstream through the brain such as by external EMF; this is an interesting hypothetical model.  Other methods are possible and surely under development, such as remote-sensing methods.  It might also be something like some subdermal EEG (and other signal) sensors. Or there may be some fairly easily readable sources for subvocalized speech in other parts of the body, like the nerves to the voice box. For the purposes of this article I will assume a brainwave reading capability over a significant portion of the auditory cortex.

From my empirical "studies" there already exists fast brainwave-to-voice (b2v) conversion software and the sensors to do it.  At this stage I would assume brain implants, but the same software could probably be adapted to other sensing technologies as they became available.  Note that in b2v the brainwaves represent both sounds heard through the ears (as with the cats they wired up in the 1960s) as well as subvocalized and prevocalized "inner speech."

Extending this another step, one harassment technique is brainwave-to-voice-to-skull (b2v2s) where they read your brainwaves and feed them back to you via the external channel as a harassment technique.  I have personally experienced this harassment technique.  Of course it is really b2v2(RTI/AP)2s so they can process the signal and add "commentary" along the way.  There is a "man in the middle" of the signal path.  It also seems as if they are working on some sort of brain cloning/modeling technique to "steal" a person's thought patterns and predict what he or she will think.  And as I mentioned in "Motives for Mind Control," prediction is a fundamental part of control.

[I describe what they do and write about it, as I have all along. I've explained that before.  It helps my credibility.  About everything I've said before has turned out to be the case, hasn't it? I've had enough external confirms to know it is not just in my head, and no protocol confirmation to conclude that they are "friendlies." One has to always consider the effects of conditioned internals, though, with the Ewen Cameron-style psychic driving of SCPs and sleep deprivation.  That and the ongoing trigger algorithm.  It is not called torture for nothing.]

Consider a brainwave-to-voice-to-skull (b2v2s) send using, for example, electrical appliances such as with power line modulation. This model accounts for victims' descriptions of people seeming to know what they are thinking.  The voice-to-skull is really voice-to-public, including the victim.  Next time you are out on the street or in a store, pause and listen to all the background noise sources you typically do not notice.  Some street theater "harassers" might have figured it out and become witting collaborators in a "game" of torture, while others might be influenced subliminally.  Some may even pick up the signal consciously but be unaware of its origin and think they are "psychic."  Either way, it would be quite unnerving to victims.  This sort of "voice-to-public" wide-field send model is interesting to consider.  It does require a conspiracy among the conscious voice hearers to not talk about "the voices" around the voice senders (or perhaps not even amongst themselves).  Aside from that it might explain a lot (and the send method could be any wide-field voice projection device: acoustic, electromagnetic, or other).

Now, suppose the send is not auditory, but only seems like it.  Once we assume brain implants the victim has to suspect all sensory input, since deceivers are messing directly with the brain.  This holds for any technology to directly alter the brain, implanted or remote. Suppose there is a self-organizing array of miniature stimoceivers somehow implanted in the auditory portions of the brain.  (Recall the tonotopic map, as the sounds are laid out by frequency in the brain.) If a sound is coming in, it will cause neural firing patterns. Whatever frequency bands you hear, there will be increased neural activity there.  So if the stimoceivers first sense the activation level and then send the signal only if the activity is above a threshold, the imposed sound will seem to be part of an external ambient noise source.  (What can be concluded in this model about strongly directionalized sound sources with superimposed voice?  Are there techniques where a targeted person would falsely attribute directionality to a signal, by falsely associating it with a real external sound?  Would a simple send proportional to activation level do that?  Are there any remote or wide-field send techniques like EM methods that could also accomplish this sort of brain manipulation?  This is an important question to consider.)

One question is, if they are sending directly to the brain, at least part of the time, why would they bother to make it sound like an external acoustic signal coming in through the ears?  One reason is that in a noisy environment their signal must "compete" with natural external sounds, and so to be noticeable it has to fit in with the rhythm and frequency.  Another possible reason is that they do not want it to be too noticeable.  They may try to hide such sounds in external ambient frequencies to give them more of a subliminal effect, so they don't stand out like a sore thumb in the mind.  Another likely reason, in the case of a direct brain send, is that they want to misdirect the victims to think it is an external acoustic modulation.  This way the victim may claim to hear things in external signals which others truly cannot hear, and will be less likely to detect or measure the true send signal.  Finally, it may simply be a way to drive a victim crazy and induce a schizophrenia-appearing condition in those susceptible to such conditioning.  By repeatedly trauma-conditioning the victim to associate berating voices with external sounds, the victim will tend to anticipate them even when hearing sounds without the overlaid harassment.  (Can you imagine berating phrases -- psychologically tailored to psychologically harm you -- bombarding you for weeks and months at a time, hundreds of thousands of times, in a psychic driving fashion?)

Finally, consider direct brain-to-brain (b2b) interfaces.  Consider that if the victims are implanted or otherwise have a direct brain interface, there is a good chance that the harassers do also.  In this case the underground bunker could be distributed, much like the victims' concentration camp system is distributed to each victim's brain and mind.  What possibilities are available in this model that are not in a literal underground bunker model?  For one thing, the perpetrators would be mobile, just like the victims, with a connection maintained everywhere they go.  This might allow for street theater.

With a direct brain interface the perpetrators would just have to "think" the harassment.  The obvious asymmetry is that the victims are nonconsensual and do not have an on/off switch or a volume control. They are kept in the dark about what is happening by a real conspiracy of silence; a conspiracy that aids, abets, and allows their rape and torture.  One could also consider direct hookups from one brain to another at the neural level, rather than the linguistic level.  This might be used to "steal minds."

Suppose, hypothetically, that you had a brilliant scientist, no morals or ethics, and wanted to "clone" this scientist's thinking.  You get 100 volunteer privates in the secret police unit who agree to a direct hookup.  Voila!  After 10 years, maybe a few of them have picked up the skills of the nonconsensual (or even consensual) scientist.  (Over time the patterns will likely self-organize to interpolate and resemble the imposed patterns.)  What if you then start sending to the scientist?  Visual?  Auditory?  Motor control?  What functions could then be controlled or influenced?  There are various permutations on the theme.  If this level of direct brain connection has not yet been tried on humans it will not be too long before it is. And what about machine simulation and modeling?  Those ignorant of the current state of technology may scoff, but the time is now to make sure that if such experiments are (or have been) done they are done humanely and consensually.  Human rights demands that all participants be consensual.  (See "Motives for Mind Control," for more on this sort of motive.)

One argument against the harassers running off direct brain interfaces themselves is that they don't sound like real people thinking.  They sound like machines simulating a playground taunting, feeding back on the victims' reactions and using profile information.  That, or some goading moron at a microphone.  Perhaps the RTIs actually receive training in "using" the devices or have a less invasive interface.  Some RTIs may have direct interfaces, but the communication network can have many nodes on it (just like an Ethernet).  Imagine hooking up an autopig machine just like you'd hook up a printer to a network.  And an RTI's microphone and VR monitor at another node.  The difference is that some of the "nodes" of this network are direct interfaces into human brains.  And some of the human beings are nonconsensual and are being purposely tortured.

General Thoughts on the Situation

Americans juvenilize human rights abuse.  Look at COINTELPRO.  Largely a bunch of sophomoric dirty tricks applied against people to discredit and neutralize them.  Juvenile as they are, to the victims they are nonetheless devastating.  This juvenilization helps people to dismiss the abuses and the taunting ridicule.  Another reason for the juvenilization and taunting is to regress people to a juvenile state. This is a common technique for interrogators and torturers.  The intention is to make the person regress and be more childlike so they accept the torturer (or the "good Nazi") as an authority figure to be obeyed.  Cointelpro of the mind.

Another cover deception is that it's just children.  Hmmm.  Children who beam voices into people's brains to drive them to suicide for amusement?  How does that work, exactly?  Are they sitting at microphones or do they have chips in their brains?  They surely do not build or buy the technology.  If an adult really made a child part of a torture operation then that child is a victim also.  More likely it is a covert operation unit running a deception operation.  Just another psychological operation, a long-running cover, a theme for the deception.  Juvenilize the victims.  (And would it really matter in a model independent sense, when people are being tortured?)

The voices harassing me all speak English exclusively and all have similar, though differing, accents.  They sound like white men aged 18-40 or machine simulations thereof.  As far as the indirect feedback I get about who seems to hear the voices, it seems to cut across all demographic boundaries.  Men and women of all races and ages -- and children also.

If the Russians did this it would be an act of war.  It is nothing but psychological warfare against the domestic population.  Who are these people?  Where are they?  Did you vote for them?  People are afraid to even talk about them.  These torturers cower in a literal or metaphorical underground bunker, harassing citizens and trying to stir up trouble.  They harass, goad, and torture.  They rape people in public (if you assume a model with an audience).  They sadistically drive people to suicide for amusement.  (How many?)

Once you know this to be reality, what other facts have to be updated in the truth database?  Facts have logical consequences.  2+2=4.  If the logical consequences are hideous, many people turn away and go into denial.  They pretend they are living in the fantasy world and ignore the facts staring them in the face.  Are there any real men in this society?

Here is a useful model to consider, at least to clarify some ideas. It is something like the UCLA violence project, proposed in the early 1970s.  Assume brain implants or some other sensor capable of reading some significant aspect of brain functioning.  The brainwaves are telemetered to the communication network (maybe low earth satellite or other), the communication network feeds to the underground bunker (literal or metaphorical), the underground bunker processes the telemetered brainwaves to voice, the voice signal is filtered through autopigs and RTIs, the processed signal is sent back out to the communication network, and the final signal is sent to a targeted or wide-field voice-to-skull device.  Most of this is basic engineering. (A cellphone network is a similar sort of setup.)

In the underground bunker there are the Auschwitz guard RTIs who do the actual sadistic harassing, computer aided by autopigs.  They are commanded by Major Mengele, who has a master's degree in psychology. He uses that and his torture experience to design new pet theories of torture, control, and direction which he has the RTIs test on victims. Whether they "work" or not, the victim experiences torture.  ("When you pull all the legs off a fly it cannot hear."  "The lobotomy cured the patient's hyperactivity.")  Who is the pig holding the leash of the man in the middle (Major Mengele's commander or his commander)?  How far up does the command chain of torture go?  Who profits?  Those are the ones to hold most accountable and the ones to get.  Not that the lower-level participants are not fully accountable.

Don't take your feedback from a bad monitor.  As an electric guitar player I tend to think of the feedback sound sources as amps.  It is just my nonconsensual direct brain interface sent to the "effects loop" of the underground bunker, and then sent back to "amps" around me to provide the final acoustic effect.  (Of course it may also be something other than an acoustic signal at the final voice-to-skull step.)  This is actually a fairly good analogy, except that the "amp" may be something like your refrigerator.  If the effects loop is evil, the feedback is intended to destroy you.  Like a phase-locked loop, there is a tendency to lock in and entrain when realtime direct feedback of your own thoughts is present.  This may be used to control a victim.  Aside from gathering data, try not to lock onto such signals if you detect them.  Don't slow down your thinking or work to articulate it on a bad amp (unless you assume an audience model you are also educating or you are gathering data).

Reprogram the triggers.  The trigger algorithm is a basic way they keep victims traumatized.  Anything that gets under your skin or that might get a reaction from you is a potential trigger.  They will often use a babbling trigger search (BTS) algorithm where they go through a list that Major Mengele developed from studying the transcript of your harassment.  They babble various phrases looking to see which ones get a reaction.  This algorithm may also be automated.  When they find one -- a potential trigger -- they send it to the trigger algorithm (TA) which applies it in almost a clockwork, machinelike fashion.  The "successful" triggers that cause trauma or distraction become autopig phrases to be pounded into the victim's brain with a huge Cameron number.  This psychic driving causes a form of brain damage where the victim tends to hear such phrases even where they are only hinted at (trigger abbreviation) or in random noises or anticipations.  If they try to trigger you with some phrase that they have associated to trauma or anger or distraction, try to reprogram it.  Consciously associate it with another concept, like human rights abuse or the trigger algorithm itself.  Each time you hear it, make that association to yourself to reprogram the trigger.

Assume an impostor.  If you are under voice harassment, do not assume the source of the voices is local.  If you are interacting in society, do not assume that those around you are the sources of the voices.  In some models they might be, but even in the mixed model they may well be long-range manipulating and harassing voices.  In the underground bunker they always cower and look for ways to harass and goad and stir up trouble in the real world for the victims.  They will impersonate anyone or, for that matter, feed back to you anything they think you might buy.  They try to induce anxiety, they try to distract, and they try to stir up trouble.  To say the harassment channel is unsecure and unauthenticated is an understatement -- at least from the victim's viewpoint.  Information warfare exploits such channels.

The permanent words of the day are asymmetry, belie, and nonlocality.

For more information, visit the website Mind Control: Technology, Techniques, and Politics at

In particular, see "Mental Firewalls" and "The Autopig".

"We've been watching you a long time.  We know more about you than you think." -- What an RTI blurted out, angry, when I told him he was "powerless."

Optional Postscript: Mixed Model

In this final segment, I consider the above scenarios from the perspective of the mixed model of natural psychic abilities plus technology reverse-engineering such abilities and/or employing other methods.  Caveat: I do not think this is the correct model, but that the standard technological model is.  Feel free to skip the rest of this article.  I discuss the mixed model because some people do believe psychic powers are more than just something like enhanced intuition, and thus may be vulnerable to psyops exploiting that belief system with technology.  It is also useful just to think about, to get a different perspective.  Who knows, it might even turn out to be partly true.  How would you know you had such abilities if they were being masked by technology?  Could you tell the difference (especially if you didn't know to look)?  Please see "Models of Synthetic Telepathy" for more explanation.

With that caveat out of the way, I discuss the above sorts of brainwave-to-voice-to-skull systems assuming they are some sort of natural phenomenon.

First suppose an actual acoustic signal really is embedded in appliance noises, etc.  How does it get there in the natural model? Perhaps the electrical patterns in a person's brain somehow interfere with electrical equipment and impose a discernible pattern.  Given the extremely low power levels of EM radiation put out by the brain, it would have to be a very sensitive "detection device."  Could your refrigerator be more sensitive than SQUIDs in a laboratory?  Maybe there are vibrational modes (like PDE solutions) that an extremely low power signal can shift between.  Something like a transistor or a catalyst.  This mode shift would have to be large enough to produce an audible result.  The results would somehow have to be interpretable as language.  It would also have to operate over a fairly long range. For these reasons, this explanation does not seem very likely at all if you assume standard physics.  (And how would other people talk on your refrigerator?  Why would a natural psychic hide a signal in a refrigerator rattle?)

What if natural psychic powers result from an EM signal emanated from one brain and received by another brain, like with microwave hearing? Justesen made some calculations in his paper that the power levels for the effect, though low, are still too large for the brain's tiny natural microwave emissions.  (See the end of  Perhaps some people are super-sensitive to this effect, or there are other lower-power nonthermal effects which are currently unknown.  This does not seem to account for the nature of the harassers, who badger and demean but never seem to think like real people would think.  With the microwave hearing effect, this would also be just a voice effect.  (And how could directional sound be sent by such methods?)

Next, suppose some sort of direct brain interface at a neural level that somehow naturally occurs.  Again, the problem is the transmission method which must operate at extremely low power (and often over long distances).  Assuming standard physics and biology, there is no known way for this to occur.  Moreover, the science departments at all the top universities ignore the "phenomenon."  This implies a huge conspiracy to keep the powers secret or else powers so weak and unreliable that they cannot be measured experimentally (and do not meet the v2s level of strong signals victims report).  If people had these powers, wouldn't they wonder how they work?  Would they just think this is magic but they can learn about the eyes and ears in a biology book?  Are none of these people scientists?  Can't someone design and conduct a convincing, repeatable statistical experiment to at least show information transmission by some unknown means?  Are these people not worried about the reverse engineering of this ability with technology in secret labs?

Given the above, this model does not seem likely.  Nonetheless there are a few possibilities.  It may be that the brain can be an extremely sensitive detector when strongly tuned to receive a signal.  If one person's brain were "in sympathy" with another person's brain then some sort of extremely low power effect might occur.  It would be like a pencil balanced on its tip, which can be knocked over by a tiny force.  The brain also recognizes patterns it is conditioned with more readily than a random pattern (and hence often incorrectly).  The anticipation feeds back with the sensory input.  So these patterns may require lower power levels for reception.  One could also postulate some sort of unknown biological quantum effect.

As I have mentioned before, the technology exists whether or not the natural model holds.  Thus the pure natural model is obsolete and there is at most a mixed model with both technology and natural abilities.  There could be weak "psychic" powers being masked by stronger technological signals.  Note that if you reverse-engineer a hypothetical natural psychic signal that operates on low power, you could likely turn up the power tremendously when you plug the device into a wall socket.


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