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The Autopig
Sidebar to Mental Firewalls and Models of Synthetic Telepaty
Allen Barker, April 2, 2002

This sidebar is about autopigs.  It has also turned out be a grab-bag of miscellaneous thoughts that did not fit elsewhere in the series, such as on classified research and multiple-model reasoning.  It is not currently linked in from the rest of the "Mental Firewalls" essay or from the MC:TT&P web site.  The reason for this is that it is more personal than the other parts of the essay series.  It describes specific sensations and harassments that I have experienced, and events in my life.  I have nonetheless decided to make it public in the hope that it might help other victims as well as clarify to non-victims what victims must deal with constantly each day.  If nothing else, I hope I will lead by example in coming out and publicly saying these things which many people have experienced but few will openly talk about.  Note that I am only describing one particular style of mind control harassment and its sequelae here.  Other victims will have similarities and differences depending on what was done to them and how they responded to it.  I can already hear and anticipate the armchair psychologists, the apologists, and the "skeptic" scientists who foolishly assume that Ockam's razor defaults to the lies of a political police state grounded in propaganda and harassment.  Nonetheless, here it is.

Please read the essay series for more information about the technology and political situation.  Please read Part III for details of what an autopig is.  It is basically an AI-like device hooked up to a machine which can send voice signals to a person that only he or she can hear.  Certain autopigs can also incorporate sensor data measured from a victim's brain and body to infer something about the victim's thoughts and subvocalized speech.  When a live human does this rather than an AI device -- like a commentator at the victim's private radio station of harassment -- I call it "the realtime idiot."  While there might be many legitimate and helpful consensual uses of such devices, they are currently used to torture domestic citizens.  That is the "application" this essay deals with.  (People inclined to dismiss this whole sort of scenario out of hand as being either technically or politically unworkable should read about the plans almost implemented for a UCLA Violence Project in California in the early 1970s.)

Don't forget the known and documented victims who are still ignored and the crimes which are still covered up -- decades later in many cases -- when there is no possible national security risk except embarrassment to the government and increased scrutiny of later allegations of mind control abuses.  There is plenty of uncertainty to have to deal with, but in a larger sense what we already know and can document is bad enough.  The society, press, justice system, politicians, whatever you want to call it simply will not deal with the issues even of known and documented mind control crimes.  In a sense, the coverup implies the continuing crimes.

The truth may get you harassed

Whenever I present personal details of my own life I hope they will not damage my prospects for a court case, since I have not had the luxury of retaining a lawyer.  On the other hand, when you cannot get an experienced and qualified law firm to take your case in the first place that does not really matter.  Perhaps my writing this will help in that regard by further bringing out the abuses.  (And of course many of the details of the situation are matters that I will only discuss with my lawyers, or perhaps with legitimate investigatory committees.)

In the current propaganda climate there is the unfortunate issue of the recent movie about the mathematician John Nash.  This is especially annoying to people like me who are mathematically inclined and who work to expose mind control abuses.  [I have a mathematical paper coming out soon, in fact, which was delayed by the Sept. 11 events and what I felt almost as my minuteman duty to keep watch on American freedoms and liberties in the aftermath.  This is not to mention the delays due to the "usual" ongoing harassment.]  Now, after the Nash publicity, even when prominent mathematicians or scientists speak out about mind control crimes they can be more easily dismissed by the public as just brilliant in one area but nonetheless crazy.  Of course I congratulate Nash, assuming he really was naturally schizophrenic, on dealing with his illness and surviving a culture that is vicious to the mentally ill.  But often those claiming to help the mentally ill are really out to perpetuate the current corrupt system and force it on more people.  At least when people start to see through propaganda it boomerangs...  They realize it was there all along and see the manipulators who have been hiding behind it.

Politically I have not backed away from "my controversial stand against domestic torture."  It is basically this political content of what I write that fuels attempts to further smear me and keeps the issue of mind control torture hidden.  But such practices are documented to have happened for years in this country.  That is, I am accusing the government of culpability in the continuation of abuses which are documented to have occurred for years, but which are still covered up and which the psychiatric community is still in denial about participating in.  Psychiatry is supposed to apply the principles of psychology to heal patients; psychological warfare applies those same principles as a weapon to inflict damage on or manipulate people.  I observe what happens, analyze it, and write about it.  I am one of the most rational people you would ever meet, though a bit reserved and overeducated (and neither of which I apologize for).  Of course as a human being under torture I now also experience all of the well-documented general sequelae of torture, as well as those sequelae specific to mind control torture.

I have written it all as it is.  If I were going to make something up I would make up something more directly believable by people in the propagandized mainstream, and something which perhaps it would realistically benefit me to say if it weren't all true.  On the other hand, once you learn the real history and present of the nation it does not seem so unbelievable after all -- the lies in the media each day seem unbelievable.  I have kept some personal details of my private life private, for obvious reasons:  They are no one's business but mine.  The filthy pigs who commit hideous crimes always try to drag a victim through the mud and try to demean the victim by stripping away all privacy.  They hope the voyeuristic "audience" will enjoy seeing the victim thrown to the lions and will ignore the hideous abuses.  To repeat again, there is no, and can be no possible excuse for or rationalization of torture. The victims need to have the same sensitivity shown to their private lives as rape victims only recently gained with laws such as rape shield laws.

When research "goes black"

Some of the technology involved in mind control abuses "went black" in early 80s after a brief period when parts of it could be openly published and discussed.  One example is voice-modulated microwave.  Another example seems to be EEG-to-word correlation technology, or more generally technology for thought inference from sensor data.  The coverup implies the crime, in a sense, when credible victims cannot have their complaints investigated because of an official lie that such technology does not even exist.  Not only do they not have their complaints investigated, their harassment is increased by witting and unwitting people in a society set up to maintain the deception at any expense to human rights.

When an area of technology "goes black," almost all sources of funding for such research dry up, and publishing of papers in the area essentially stops.  (Revealing FOIA documents definitely stop coming out.)  People who continue to work openly in the area may find that "bad things" happen to their careers, or their personal lives.  There may even be disinformation efforts to discredit those publications already out, as Robert Becker described in his Cross Currents book.  Of course secret research and development does not stop when an area "goes black."  If anything it goes black because it worked and more research is planned.  Certain academics in fields of study related to the now "black" one may tend to arrogantly assume that because there is no published work coming out, the phenomena in question do not exist.  They do not see how by moving the troughs around their fields of study can be shaped and directed.  When there is no funding for a particular area of study, open research largely stops.  The true purpose of funding is also concealed by compartmentalization and abstraction of the relevant problems or by re-casting the problems in other molds.  At some level, this is just the way academia works, especially when it is hugely funded by government or government contractor companies.

The problems arise when human rights get trampled in the process.  This occurs both in terms of academic freedom -- which is the freedom of thought, speech, and publication -- as well as in the harm to human health and well-being that can result from deceptive scientific and other research work.  This includes work in humanities as well, for example history, philosophy and ethics.  Researchers who are personally harassed or have their personal lives intentionally disrupted are the quite direct victims of human rights abuses.  If the manipulators want their cake, they should not be allowed to eat it too.  Students should not be lied to and deceived about their prospects in a particular field, only to find years later that they are not allowed to apply their talents and that they have been nothing but straw dogs all along.  It is one thing just to not be able to find a job directly related to your field; it is quite another to have your personal life destroyed because of your research.

The autopig never tires

The particular harassment device discussed in this essay is the autopig.  Autopig harassment occurs in all states of mind.  It does not matter if you are awake, asleep, alert, tired, drunk, sober, etc., although when mentally tired it may tend to increase (or at least annoy you more).  It does not depend on where you are.  You can travel 200 miles away and find that you are being harassed with the exact same autopig harassment phrases (though they'll try to make you think they are all local).  It happens when you try to work, to think anything to yourself, to converse with others, have sex, use the toilet, etc., no matter what you are doing.  Sometimes it will subside, or you will be distracted and not notice it, but soon enough it will jolt you again.  It can help to drown it out with something like loud music (though certain employees at certain radio stations may then cointelpro you through the between-the-lines banter, commercials, and song selection).  The autopig voices are the same whether you hear them in the middle of the night or in the middle of the day, so it does not seem as if there are "shifts" of different, recognizable realtime idiots.

The main essay discussed ways to verify pure externals, and the discussion here is concerned with pure external autopigs and realtime idiots.  Victims do need to consider conditioned internals, but for true victims that is a symptom rather than a cause.

Since the autopig voices do not have names (and cannot use calculators) I sometimes name the autopigs.  It is anthropomorphizing a machine, so use some caution.  The human brain wants to anthropomorphize any voice-interpretable data it receives "in the mind," but these days it can just as easily be badly done AI (or perhaps soon better-done AI) with voice synthesis.  The human brain wants to interpret and respond to auditory voice signals it receives internally.  But if it is indistinguishable from an autopig, treat it as if it were an autopig (or an autopig-enhanced realtime idiot).  If it comes in on the rape channel it does not really matter whether it is a person with a microphone hooked up to the transmission device or a fully automated torture device, except for the purposes of evidence analysis.  The person who financed, authorized, and turned on the autopig machine is as guilty as any realtime idiot at a microphone.  [Psychic believers, see below, but I have never once gotten any useful information on the rape channel, and a whole lot of harassment.  So even in the unlikely case that part of the phenomenon is "natural psychic telepathy" I would still treat it the same way and try to locate the harassers.  Conspiracy to commit torture is still there.   This is a preview of a model-independent conclusion.]

I named one autopig Retard.  Retard is not really mentally retarded or seemingly even human.  (I do not blame truly mentally retarded people or children who don't know any better.)  Retard has one phrase he repeats over and over, "your masturbation technique" or "your masturbation technique is x" or "x is your masturbation technique."  The variable x in the description, if it is there, tends to come from a very superficial grammatical analysis of previous verbal thoughts.  For example, I might be trying to write a computer program and every few seconds Retard would say "that is your masturbation technique."  If I thought about compiling a program it might say, "compiling a program is your masturbation technique."  That's all it ever says, over and over, hence the name Retard when I anthropomorphized that autopig.  It does not occur just when doing a particular activity like programming, it is anything and everything that you might do or that might cross your mind.  If you were to waste your time giving the phrase a semantics it would mean basically that to the Nazis anything you do that is not what they want is masturbation (and that to the rapists masturbation is "naughty").  For a time, Retard was the autopig with one of the loudest signals and highest Bergeron pulse frequencies.

The frequency of autopig harassment varies, and depends also on one's sensitivity to consciously noticing it happening.  The autopigs also come in at different volumes.  Typically, though, the rate for noticeably loud distraction autopigs (Bergeron pulses) might be set at about one every thirty seconds.  After 100,000 times or so, it is important to be aware of the damaging conditioning effect of such repetitions.  After such torture the brain is highly sensitized to that particular phrase, and there is a tendency to hear it even when it is not there.  For example if a similar phrase were spoken nearby or modulated onto the autopig signal, the victim will tend to hear the strongly conditioned signal instead.  Random noise signals with a similar rhythm or pattern can also trigger a "false positive" because of the increased sensitivity of the mental "scar tissue."

Classifying autopigs

One way to classify autopigs is by the level of coupling with your thought process.  That is, some autopigs are independent of your private thought process and some are strongly coupled with it.  An independent autopig can be implemented much more easily than a coupled one, since you only need to do a send rather than both a read and a send.  The difference is like that between a microwave voice projection device alone versus what Delgado called a stimoceiver which can both deliver brain stimulation and telemeter information out.

Autopig coupling with the thought process can be noticed either in a recognizable pattern of when such phrases occur, or by way of a variable x in a phrase which incorporates part of your previous mental "inner voice" thought.  The coupling is often realtime, in the same sense as if you were having a live conversation with someone.  The response is that quick.  (This may point to UAV platforms, low-orbit satellite, cellphone-like networks, some other fairly local signals, or programmable autopig chips -- at least for those responses with coupling faster than a second or so.  Assuming light speed limits, a realtime idiot could probably not be completely on the other side of the earth or using geosynchronous orbits for this effect.)  Of course real people would have names and could converse about varying things rather than just repeating the same stock phrases over and over and over.

The autopigs can also be classified according to the semantics of the signal modulated onto the cattle prod and sent to you on the rape channel.  Remember, though, to only consider the semantics as part of a data-collection evidence process.  The signal is not there to help you, and the modulation is intended to cause you psychological damage or manipulate you.  In analyzing the signal, consider what the psyop intention of the NLP-like manipulation signal is.  The realtime idiots and autopig programmers are always looking for a wedge, for a way to get you to start listening and believing them.  For example, they'll play at "helping" you or sympathizing with your problems (that they caused).  Then they'll slam you again.  If you're not careful you may start to think in terms of the idiotic crap they condition you with, and before long they'll have you jumping at shadows.  They'll project suggestions at you and when you consider it they'll criticize you for even thinking it.  They'll instill triggers in you, trigger you, and attack you because the trigger worked.  They'll act as impostors and impersonate anyone and everyone you ever saw or interacted with if they think they can trick you.  They would tell you when to use the toilet if they could.  The word "belie" is an interesting one.  It means "to show to be a lie" (though sometimes it is used as if it meant something like "underlying").  When a realtime idiot claims to be your "friend," the very channel he or she is nonconsensually accessing you on belies that assertion.  When they psyop you and insinuate that something you have not even made public describing the surveillance is wrong, their having the information at all tends to belie that claim.

The saying is, "if the shoe fits wear it."  Anyone but you who knowingly accesses your thoughts without your consent and maintains the conspiracy to conceal the fact is a Nazi pig.  This is true especially if they use this knowledge to manipulate or harass you or to personally profit.  It is a conspiracy to commit torture, or collaborating with and aiding and abetting such a conspiracy.  When thinking to yourself, in your mind, you are the only non-Nazi there.  Anyone else has on a pair of self-fitting shoes (or self-fitting jackboots).  If they are not raping your brain they do not hear you in the first place.  This is basic logic and common sense.  As a mind control victim, when will you start believing otherwise, believing them when they try to insinuate it is some benign conspiracy or even flattering to you?  You will believe it when they un-torture you.  When zapped by an autopig or realtime idiot signal -- or any other external like Nazi feedback in a newspaper -- too many people seem to only consider the semantics of the signal but not the signal or signal channel itself: its nature, source, and implications.  If the signal itself indicates acts of rape, why would you dignify it with any semantics at all?  Of course sometimes when the external is on an otherwise legitimate channel like conversation, email, the newspaper, etc., you need to consider the semantics to even realize it is an external.  If you do analyze the semantics, what is the actual intention?  Usually to manipulate, torture, and to inflict psychological damage.  This may take a toll on you even if you just "monitor the Nazi traffic" in order to gain information, like Turing trying to help sink a Nazi U-boat.

Given this proviso about even considering the semantics, though, one way to differentiate autopigs is essentially according to the IQ behind the modulation.  A level 1 autopig is just some unvarying phrase repeated over and over, just a drip drip drip of Chinese water torture.  It could be any phrase at all, in the same way that you could paint a stick any color and achieve the same effect when you hit a person over the head with it twice a minute.  There is also what I call a level 1 autopig function of one variable, which just takes some snippet of your previous mental dialogue and plugs it into a boilerplate phrase.  For instance, if you thought about writing a paragraph, it might say "I recommend you do not write a paragraph."  This is a specific instance of "I recommend you do not do x."  A level 2 autopig is slightly more clever.  It shows some memory or you or your situation, and while its manipulation method is still quite transparent, nonetheless it shows some thought behind its goad or intended distraction or manipulation.  I have gone up to level 3 or 4 in classifying them, but you rarely see a 3 and almost never a 4.  At the higher levels you start to blur into the realtime idiots and tend not to have good enough data to differentiate them from harassment AI.

Autopigs can also be classified according to whether they exhibit any memory.  A stateless autopig is memoryless.  It just repeats the same phrase or phrases regardless of what happens.  A stateful autopig, though, has a memory process and uses past information to select or construct the phrases to bombard you with next.  This might be thought of as something like a database of whatever information has been gathered about you from various sources, including previous brain raping.  A stateful autopig might even be initialized with a set of data taken from another victim and chosen to fit your torture vulnerability profile.  Level 1 autopigs tend to be stateless, while higher-level autopigs tend to be stateful.

Survival of the shallowest

Consider the collection of people who are selected for mind control monitoring and harassment.  What this group is may range from everyone down to so-called dissidents, scientists, test subjects, etc.  Who will survive and "thrive" in the mind control system?  First of all, there are the unwitting victims, in their "ignorant bliss."  We will only consider witting victims.  Next, there are consensual victims or collaborating nonconsensual victims.  They may foolishly believe that they can permanently hand over the controls to their brain and mind to an unaccountable group of people.  Then there are people who do not care at all about their most intimate privacy or for their own free will.  Such a person thus accedes to being essentially a human robot, controlled externally at any moment.  He or she can have no privacy and no secrets at all, and thus no intellectual property or trade secrets either.

We will assume that very few people fit this mold and consider which witting nonconsensual victims will be most affected by the torture.  NPT was designed to help victims avoid this, but it is a hard process for people to train themselves to act as if they believe NPT.  This is because all their previous societal training does not prepare them for having their brain raped by some of the most vicious pigs on the globe.  It also does not prepare them for learning that a good percentage of their fellow countrymen are Nazi pigs who will gleefully drive them to suicide, exploit them mercilessly as a slave, or just sadistically enjoy their torture as entertainment if they can.  You need to develop an understanding of pathological liars and a very strong stomach.  You also just need time and practice in understanding your reactions to torture and trying to un-condition yourself.  You will always retain mental scars from torture, which are analogous to a bodily pain left in an Auschwitz victim from a vicious kicking by a guard (except that this Auschwitz has not yet been liberated).  So we will assume that NPT is an idealization that one can train oneself toward but not perfectly achieve.

So, which people will be affected?  First, anyone with any sort of conscience or habit of ethical self-examination is at a disadvantage.  This is because the torturers tend to take any such thought as prime harassment material.  The idea is that if something bothers a person, or at least if they wondered about whether it bothered them or not, then according to the "positive feedback torture algorithm" that is what should be fed back to the system.  As mentioned in Part III, the idea is like driving a dynamical system at its resonant frequency to purposely destroy it.  Thus people who are completely amoral or sociopathic will tend to avoid this effect.

Any sort of thoughtful consideration of whether you are bothering someone or imposing is also seized upon in the same way.  Such a concern is instantly turned into an accusation that you actually are bothering the person and that they are angry at you, etc., when actually you are less likely to be because you paused to consider it.  Is my stereo too loud?  He plays his stereo too loud and the neighbors hate him.  Does she think x about me?  She thinks x about you and hates you.  They use this technique to foment personal fights between the victim and anyone around him or her, and to isolate the victim.  It is an old cointelpro tactic with new technology.  Usually the harassers are just feeding back any fears, misperceptions, or perceived weaknesses they thought they detected and do not really have any information except for what they raped from the victim.  But sometimes there is feedback with verifiable information that is highly unlikely to be coincidence.  If the victim only ever thought about the information this is a pure external confirmation , and if the victim talked about it in his or her home at least a confirmation of ongoing surveillance.

A related thought habit that tends to be turned against the victim is what I call "the asymmetry detector."  Whenever you accuse someone else of something, or do something to another person, you consider for a moment as if the arrow were pointing the other way at you.  It is something of a hypocrisy avoidance circuit or a part of some sort of golden rule empathy process.  The problem is that when you consider your own shortcomings or vulnerability to the same thing you provide the harassing torturers with a prime source of harassment material to feed back against you.  This occurs even when you do not detect a symmetry indicating any real, meaningful hypocrisy, but only considered something.  (But watch out for false asymmetries and false symmetries, especially those based on superficial linguistic and grammatical thinking and the purposeful ignoring of proportion and scale.)  The asymmetry detector is nonetheless still a useful thought pattern.  When you know there is a real asymmetry, like between a torturer and a torture victim, it helps you to avoid reacting to the goads and taunts which assume a phony symmetry.

The next group of people who will tend to suffer under mind control harassment are the non-shallow thinkers.  These include creative thinkers and what might be called deeper thinkers.  Often these people's livelihoods depend on their thinking process as well, so they have the added violation of having their livelihood affected and the fruits of their intellectual and creative labor stolen directly from their minds.  The harassing pigs are not called realtime idiots for nothing.  They rape some instantaneous, shallow shadow of your mentation and then are presumptuous enough not only to violate people like that but also to assume they know what the person is thinking and what the thought really means.  Really, is that what I mean by that?

[Speaking of intellectual property, in the US, you can work to educate people about literal domestic torture happening and some people will try to silence you by "turning you in" for supposedly violating copyright law.  These people do not care the least bit about the intellectual property being raped and stolen by mind control and surveillance.  To say the education effort is non-profit is a mild way to put it, and if this doesn't fit the spirit of fair use doctrine I do not know what does.  Victims under torture and surveillance who are trying to stop it also do not worry too much about technicalities like this.  It is just another psyop to the torturers, something to try to lord over the victims.  And by the way, I will take down any item if and only if the copyright holder contacts me on official channels.]

Consider an example of presumptuous realtime idiots when you are considering various hypotheses.  The English language does not have much of a subjunctive mood, and so the distinction of things counter-to-fact or hypothetical is implicit rather than explicit.  This is not to say that victims need to think in any "correct" grammar or publicly accessible "language," of course.  But anything you would think, regardless of whatever weighting factor you gave it or how you considered it in your thought process, would be seized upon as if it held its shallow surface meaning.  Suppose you were free associating, like a search algorithm down a property list in an association graph (to use an overly symbolic lisp analogy).  Of course you are going to come up with some ridiculous things, some bizarre things, and some politically incorrect things.  So what?  But the pigs will seize on anything you think, no matter how it fits into your thought process, and instantly zap you with commentary, clicks, or jolts.  What this does is to condition you in your free association to anticipate being zapped if you should think a "bad" thing.  This can make you leery of even thinking freely, or it can halt your thought process and leave you trying to "explain" the "bad" thought that they "caught you at."  It also can tend to make the "bad" thought recur more often precisely if you try to avoid it.  This is mind control in all its connotations.  And of course the thought is "bad" only as judged by a torturer whose intention is psychological damage and control.  No one can rightfully judge the presumed thoughts in another person's head, most especially not Mengele.  The mind is sacrosanct in this regard, and the nonconsensual violation of a victim's mind is an incomparably greater offense than any thoughtcrime that passed through a victim's brain could ever be.

Let me digress briefly to discuss the methods of instilling trauma conditioned triggers in victims.  When they catch you at a "bad" thought or something they think bothers you, they quickly associate a symbol with it.  The symbol is something connected with the thought, or something related to it.  This symbol is the new trigger to a trauma conditioned memory.  They will quickly (so you remember) try to reinforce this symbol to cause you trauma.  They want to ensure that you both strongly remember the symbol and associate it to the trauma experience.  The original raped thought or experience from your mind (or from your home under standard surveillance) will be implied and insinuated between the lines, using the symbol.  This sets up the new symbol association for the trigger.  Of course part of the trauma is just that these pathetic pigs raped you and then went to so much effort to harm and manipulate you, i.e., that some people in the world hate you like that and have the capability to violate your most private moments.  Nonetheless, trauma is trauma.  The trigger will then be purposely embedded in various places where you will see it, to keep you traumatized and to keep reinforcing the trigger.  It will be worked into the between-the-lines harassment subtext used against the victim and among the harassers.  It may also be programmed into the autopig and used by the realtime idiots.  Of course coincidental occurrences of the trigger will tend to cause the reaction also.  The Nazis will also regularly try out potential triggers on you to see if they can get a reaction.  If so they further zap you with the trigger and condition it in more if they can.  Once the victims are sufficiently conditioned with a few strong triggers, they can be sent into trauma just by the purposeful application of a trigger.  Thus the triggers can be spread around to everyone in on the harassment.  Even children of sick torturers can be taught how to trigger a victim, similar to how a regularly whipped strong black man held as a slave had to defer to white children and keep his eyes averted.

You could barely finish any complex thought if you listened to the harassing pigs, because halfway through the idiot pigs presume to know what the thought is and what some part of it means.  They then have to add their sneering pathetic and distracting comments.  But at least for now victims cannot avoid "hearing" the pigs, so you can only try to train yourself to ignore them and continue thinking like a human being rather than a baboon.

If you have any sense of humor or like to make jokes, watch out.  A good sense of humor, if necessarily black humor at times, can help a victim to survive.  It can also be turned against the victim like almost every other aspect of normal mentation.  The joke process tends to be a fast process, because it has to be for repartee and conversational joking around.  Jokes also tend to often involve "bad" thoughts and things like sex and farts.  You often think of all sorts of jokes, amusing yourself, but only say a few out loud.  But the same process as described above tends to kill the joke process.  Some moron seizes on a fast but failed joke that produced something bizarre and then they jolt you.  This can cause an aversion to the whole, healthy, joke process in the first place.  Later you may see your failed joke -- that would ordinarily have just amused you and floated by -- "reviewed" by rapists as if it were your serious thought.  To reiterate, the value judgment "bad" here is imposed by sick torturers, and I only describe it this way to help victims understand and deal with the torture better.

There is also the assumption that your mind is one-track, apparently like that of the realtime idiots.  They cannot imagine that you could have a two-track mind or a five-track mind or more.  Part of your mind is thinking about a friend of yours, another is noticing that your leg itches, and another is noticing that there is a sexy woman on the TV.  There is also what I call the monkeyscope, which is the ongoing verbal process describing things and commenting on things.  There is nothing inherently wrong with the monkeyscope; it is your inner dialogue in "the monkey language."  This private language tends to be similar to your public monkey language such as English or Spanish, though it certainly does not have to be.  It means only what you know it means -- if you even choose to analyze any meaning into it at all.  An active monkeyscope can be useful, say, to a writer as his or her writer's voice, working at describing and analyzing the world in language.  (There is also the possibility that the monkeyscope dialogue is the predominant aspect of what is violated in brain rape.)

What happens when all of these tracks get flattened out to an idiot rapist's single track?  There is also a natural tendency for the brain to explore associations between the separate tracks.  This associative memory process is hardwired in the brain, and can be a good source of creative ideas.  The same sorts of problems as with other free association thoughts arise when these associations are raped by the Nazis or when the victim anticipates a cattle prod reaction based on them.  Similarly, semantic priming is the tendency for thoughts and things that you have recently thought about to be associated with whatever you are currently thinking about, to create another new association.  This is a temporal sort of association, and again it may produce a ridiculous new thought or it may produce a useful one.  When a thought gets cattle prodded it tends to become even more "primed" for later semantic priming associations.

The pigs leap at any sort of thought you have that might be incriminating in the slightest way to you or anyone you know.  Apparently they store it in your "permanent record in pigville," no matter how long ago it happened or how trivial.  They will later take these things and try to "lord it over you" if you let them.  If nothing else, they provide prime distraction material and material to annoy you.  The knowledge that they are violating the confidence of everyone who ever confided in you is also part of the torture.  Then there is the usual tendency to think, "oh no, what should I not think right now?" which of course causes you to think it.  This also penalizes people who think in a minimax sort of way rather than some averaging sort of way, since they will be floating by worst cases as part of their thinking.

All of this explanation above is an example of how the mind control torture can force the victim to step back and consider his or her own thought process to see what the harassment is doing and how it is doing it.  Some people may want to do this, though certainly not under these conditions, but for others it is just a painful waste of time where they have to consider every natural thought process that otherwise would just float by while they lived their lives.  Nonetheless it may be necessary for some victims to attempt to understand and deal with the sequelae of the torture.

So the harassment process "favors" the shallow, conventional thinker.  This is of course not to say that shallow, conventional thinkers should have their minds violated any more than anyone else.  Shallow, conventional thinkers may even be more manipulable than other people.  Mind control torture is an abominable crime when committed against any human being.

Multiple-model reasoning

Multiple-model reasoning refers to the process of maintaining several different models of reality and evaluating one's decisions and conclusions relative to all the models.  The interesting point here is that some results hold in all reasonable models, or in all the models that you are considering.  A "result" in this case means a conclusion or an action to be taken.  Some results may require a slightly different interpretation to hold in the different models, but others do not even require that.  For example, consider a decision to hold torturers accountable, relative to both a pure realtime idiot model and a pure autopig model.  You may need to hold the operator of the autopig responsible in one model versus a human realtime idiot in the other, but the chain of culpability higher up would look about the same.  A main point of Part III was that the results described there are largely model independent, as are those in Parts I and II.  Notice that you do not necessarily have to believe all of the models you consider, and you will have different weightings even for those models you do consider tangibly likely.  It can be useful to consider models that other people hold but which you do not, especially if the same conclusions follow.

Let me briefly mention a few models that have been put forward to explain mind control phenomena.  I am excluding politically expedient phony reality models.  Like torture victims in South and Central American countries have faced for years, the expedient models always claim that anything but actual torture is what happened to the victim -- preferably with a smear toward the victim thrown in.  That aside, the models for mind control phenomena include technical methods of harassment, mental illness natural or induced, hypnotic suggestions of mind control and mind reading (perhaps sleep-conditioned with voice-to-skull), EM sensitivities mistaken for harassment, and some sort of natural psychic harassment.  There are also the various mixed models.  While there are some mentally ill people, we will not consider them here because it should be clear by now that there are indeed some real, live mind control victims in the population.  How many and exactly what all has been done to them are the questions that need to be considered.  The main essay discussed protocols and data analysis techniques for detecting pure externals.  Once you know damn well that there are pure externals, the number of reasonable models shrinks to only a couple.

Always keep in mind that investigating mind control phenomena is more like game theory with a hostile and vicious opponent rather than like natural science studying nature, and various ruses and deceptions are to be expected.  Suppose you show that a particular autopig exists by detecting its "send" signal.  That does not imply that the autopig is stateless or independent.  That is, you may have just detected its send mechanism but not its read mechanism.  Even if you were to trace the signal to, say, some military radar that "just happened" to demodulate into a speech pattern in certain victim's heads, that by itself does not rule out other sources.  It only implies a "mixture model"  containing elements of both hypotheses, especially when you have good data collected over years that the autopigs are definitely stateful, strongly coupled, and pure external.  [Also note that mind control victims under EM harassment in particular might be more likely to develop general electrical sensitivities.  As torture victims, all witting nonconsensual mind control victims will tend to have sequelae such as PTSD hyperalertness, etc.]

Natural telepathy as an example of an alternative model

The sidebar on psychic powers provides a good example of multiple-model reasoning.   I consider the technological model alone to be "the standard model," by the way.  With technology you could fake the psychic business on unwitting or deceived people.  In fact, the term "synthetic telepathy" was apparently popular in military circles at one time to describe microwave voice projection devices.  Assuming an old-fashioned Nazi conspiracy with advanced technology does not require an assumption of psychic powers and a corresponding conspiracy over centuries to conceal them (or powers which are so weak they do not account for the effects).

Feel free to skip this section if you do not care to consider psychic ability hypotheses.  It may be worth considering simply because that is how the technology seems to many victims (or will later seem to consensual users of the technology).  Recall also that the government is known to have spent millions of dollars researching and attempting to weaponize supposed phenomena such as "remote viewing" (at least that is what they claimed the actual research was).  I only consider an auditory sort of telepathy here.  The possible downside is that by discussing this model it will be more likely to be used to distract from technological sorts of mind control crimes, for example by provocateurs posing as "nutball psychics."  Nonetheless, I'll discuss it anyway, especially since the issues of technological mind control do not go away or change, as we will see, by assuming psychic powers.  It is also important because psychic believers are a population vulnerable to technological testing, whether or not such powers exist.

Since my personal religious views already came up in Part III, I will go ahead and mention my religious views with regard to psychic powers.  From my own religious point of view, I consider such powers, if they exist, to be makyo.  Makyo are phenomena that may exist, and experiences that may occur in meditation, but which are side tracks from Zen practice.  You can dabble with them or enjoy them if you want, but be careful, do not attach to them, and get your focus back to meditation practice.  People are of course free to hold their own religious views.  If such powers do exist and are being used to torture people, though, they cannot simply be ignored or concealed.  If I believed in demons I would consider the torturing pigs as manifestations of them.

If you suppose that there are "natural" psychic powers then it follows almost certainly that the same mechanism has been reverse engineered by now to include the technological model.  [At the least they would have been weaponized by military and intelligence-trained psychics.]  But the "natural model + technological model" is really like one and a half models rather than two, because the "natural psychic model" strongly implies that the technological model exists as well.  In the "natural psychic" model, the powers are natural human abilities that have been there for millennia, but great-great-great-great-grampa on down kept it a silent conspiracy.  Under this model, some significant but unspecified fraction of the population is "sensitive" and can "hear" the silent thoughts of another unspecified fraction of people who are "senders."  These groups presumably overlap to some extent.  We are assuming here that the powers are significant enough to compare to technological results in terms of their effects.  Thus there would surely be many witting psychics with these significant powers, rather than just unwitting ones or ones with only vague, unprovable and untestable powers.  But also under this model, the days of the "gunslinger" psychics, alone in psychic space with their powers, are over.  Technology has almost surely reached that realm by now.  Pandora's box cannot be closed again.

Assume the "natural + technological" model.  In this case you have the natural psychic model with superimposed technological signals.  So any person is potentially receiving both types of signal at any time.  Given how many ways there are to technologically project voices to people's heads, there would also be the possibility of targeting specific voices to specific people that others on the "psychic walkie-talkie" system could not hear.  So you would not know what harassment was really going on if you were just getting natural psychic signals, except any which occurred on the natural psychic channel.  The Cameron-style psychic driving torture with autopigs is actually even more horrible in this model.  This is because it would result not just in the victim's private mental torment, open only to him or her and any direct mind-raping torturers.  It would scar the victim's whole "psychic interface" with the resulting tendency to lock into strongly conditioned phrases.  This would be open and on display for any "sensitive" person to hear anywhere the victim went -- including the harassing jerk "sensitives."  All the concomitant feedback issues would also be there, when the victim knows this is what is happening to him or her.  This is of course in addition to all the other sequelae of torture.

In the natural psychic model you would also have the usual bell curve of abilities, with some people witting and some unwitting.  You would also have some people who could not "hear," but perhaps could send, and others who could hear but not send.  So you would have a situation where there were essentially blind people to exploit.  It would be like a conspiracy to keep certain people "publicly naked" so they could be ridiculed and exploited.  Keep them from covering themselves up (blocking the signals, etc.), rape them, and then blame them for it.

One always has to consider how a psychological operation (psyop) could fake a "psychic event."  To someone who believes in psychic abilities, any technological mind control manipulations will tend to appear to them to be psychic phenomena.  That is, if they are unaware of the technology they will interpret the experiences as manifestations of psychic phenomena -- though not necessarily benign ones.  Consider "the restaurant game" where a vicim goes to a restaurant and soon some of the diners around him or her seemingly start to blatantly comment on the victim's private thoughts.  Assume it is truly blatant and that the victim is not just reading interpretations into things -- which is unfortunately a tendency once one's mind truly has been violated that way.  (Victims may have the tendency to run cross-correlation analyses comparing their own thought processes and lives to external signals and occurrences, because the assumption of independence is known to no longer hold.  This can be difficult for most people, not to mention hideous, stressful, and distracting, and if not carefully done may lead to some false positives.  But the victim needs to know.)  Is the victim broadcasting psychically, or by whatever mechanism psychic phenomena happen?  Are the diners picking up subtle body signals and using their intuition to infer the victim's thoughts?  Are all the diners soaked in the same wide-field influencing wave and thus seem to be thinking and talking about the same things?  How about when the diners use known triggers and symbols and are obviously trying to inflict psychological damage on the victim, to "freak him or her out"?

In a technological sense, if we assume the realtime idiot technology, this would be an easy op to carry out.  They know ahead of time where the victim is going, and presumable have agents with equipment allowing them to individually "hear" the victim's private mentation.  The agents may even be consensually monitored in the same way as the victims, or may be nonconsensual victims turned collaborator.  The other diners might even be other unwitting victims being influenced by a "man in the middle" at the underground base orchestrating the whole sick scene.  These examples just illustrate how difficult it can be to discern the exact details of how the harassment is being implemented.  Nonetheless, it is quite clear to the victim what he or she experiences and how vicious and violative it is.

How rare is a sender?  In an area of a million people, what are the odds that people everywhere are listening to one person in particular, for long periods of time?  Why is it not a jumble of noise?  If senders are rare, how might they be exploited or harassed for political gain or to alter the political climate?  How likely is it that a microwatt or so of signal energy from a human brain can propagate for hundreds of miles?  That seems more likely technological, though there is a small chance it could be some rare gift/curse.  I tend to ponder the "natural psychic" model because so many people seem to believe it (or fall for it), and because it keeps me busy after I have already thought out the standard technological model too many times.  And the implications of its being true are staggering, even worse than the technological model alone.

What follows from such a conspiracy?  How many aspects of society turn out to be blatant lies, human rights abuses, and knowing exploitation?  How many people were purposely driven to suicide or other desperate acts?  How many perfectly sane people were locked up and forcibly medicated?  Why do people stand for it?  If this model is true then many people know the harassment to be the case even if they do not say so.  Why do they maintain a conspiracy that is not there to benefit them?  The conspiracy of silence benefits only the exploiters, and makes it possible for there to be victim after victim, while everyone looks on.  It would also act as cover for any technological developments which mimic or reverse-engineer psychic powers.  There is no sign that such powers make people especially bright or empathetic or compassionate.  Just the opposite, really.  If this is what is involved in the harassment it seems to make people with "the secret gift to hear brain senders" into venal, sadistic, thieving idiots who cannot think for themselves.  What human being repeats "that is your masturbation technique" over and over for months on end?  What results from a culture that does nothing but harass, torture, and drag down its own people constantly?  But that is about enough consideration of "natural psychic" hypotheses for this essay.

[If such psychic powers exist, why let them have it both ways?  If they harass, manipulate, and torture people with this ability why let them also keep it secret so it "doesn't exist"?  That "nonexistence" is what brings out the Lord of the Flies behavior in people who think they can get away with it.  Why not slam them with three back on the same channel that "doesn't exist" if you can, or better yet in the real world.  An eye for an eye assumes that an eye actually exists.  You can turn your other cheek all day long but a Nazi will continue the same exact atrocities.]

I do not believe in "space aliens among us" and purposely try to avoid the whole topic because it has been used to distract from mind control crimes.  This paragraph will be an exception.  There is a good case to be made that there have been purposeful efforts to cover up military abductions by making them appear to victims as space alien abductions.  This would have allowed the victims of government experiments to be dismissed with ridicule.  And although it means "unidentified flying object," the term UFO tends to leap instantly to space aliens and, mysteriously, seldom evokes discussion of classified technology such as aircraft in development which -- surprise -- fly at places like Area 51.  Nonetheless, in a multiple-model sense, it does not really matter if humans alone are torturing citizens or if humans are collaborating with space aliens to do it.  The models are not exclusive, there is just an added assumption of alien visitors in one.  The government is still culpable and is the party to hold accountable.  Government secrecy in general is an obstacle and people subscribing to either model should want to work against excessive government secrecy as well as to work to stop harassment, torture, and recriminations against citizens.  Space alien believers are citizens too, and should be independently concerned about the government's mind control crimes and coverups.

Measuring potential autopig signals

In this section I briefly discuss measuring the physical signals by which the autopig-type harassment operates.  First, an example of a potential signal detection.  One day, while trying out a particular set of new tubes in my amp, I got a repeating noise pattern through the guitar amp that sounded a lot like the autopig I named Retard.   I cranked the amp up loud with the guitar connected and did not play anything.  It was a static sort of noise that came in bursts which sounded like a mechanical version of the clearer Retard voice I would hear in my head.  Was it the signal from an electronic Retard send?  I don't know.  I should probably have recorded it, so someone with a less conditioned ear could hear it, but I did not at the time.  [It is easier said than done to have the presence of mind to gather technical data while under literal torture, even for people with some technical training.  Especially when you know that people with the delusion that they live in a free country will tend to dismiss even the strongest evidence you gather.]

Did other people in the area hear that same signal?  That would be an interesting piece of data, but when people are afraid to talk about such experiences you cannot compare notes like that.  That is one reason I have written this essay.  [But psyop agents will lie pathologically, so a double-blind sort of protocol would be more informative.]  Retard's amplitude is now lower -- but the signal is still there -- and I no longer live in that area.

I mention this because a real investigation of the complaints of victims would involve as one component an analysis of the EM signal space.  Most victims do not have the money or the expertise for these sorts of investigations, however, and the harassment can easily be stopped while measurements are being taken.  Even with the funds for a commercial investigation, certain advanced bugs are essentially undetectable except with the most advanced and classified technology.  Among other things, an investigation would involve looking for the send and receive methods, looking for any sort of implanted devices that might be the method in some cases, and studying victim reports for various clusters, etc.  The investigation would also look for suspects with the means and the motive to commit the crimes.  But, in the current political situation, what investigation could victims trust or believe in?  They have been so shamefully abused for so many years that they know the way the coverups work and the depths to which many of their fellow countrymen will sink in order to continue a practice that is nothing but organized torture and exploitation.

The day something changed

"The day something changed" occurred in early February, 2002.  It was almost reminiscent of the movie Groundhog's Day.  After months of the same autopigs over and over, day after day I decided to go into "echo mode."  Each time I heard an autopig I would mentally repeat it, followed by "what's next."  I literally did this for hours.  Next, I started actually saying them out loud, followed by "what's next," each time a clear one would come in.  After months of conditioning by the same tired autopigs, this actually changed something.  Shortly afterward there was a large increase in realtime idiot action, or at least some new material was finally loaded into the autopig.  They also turned up the autopig loud on me when I was driving in my car.  Much louder than I had heard before, almost like conversation level with someone else there, except that the source does not seem to be the ears but more like the top of the head.  This might have unnerved me years back, but at this point it is just good data and knowing that I at least made "the beast" have to respond.  Mostly it was Retard and an autopig that was just starting to become a frequent Bergeron pulse, "philosophy professors are so naive."  [An example that it does not matter what color you paint a stick that you hit someone in the head repeatedly with.  The color stupid may even have some advantages for harassment, as mentioned in Part III.]  There also seemed to be some "filibustering" on the channel, like I had been doing at times, though how to interpret this is model-dependent.  What if many victims all simultaneously tried to fill up the channel with noise?  Again, model dependent, but it may send a message to the underground bunker pigs.

Unfortunately, a few days later even more changed.  My wife and I finally ended our marriage after the stresses of seven years of such torture.  Of course I don't blame my soon-to-be ex-wife.  She stuck with me through years of hell, and we had many good times despite the harassment.  But finally it was too much.  As I described in Part III, this harassment, violation, and exploitation is not something that can be just ignored; it would be like accepting slavery.  The autopig is just one part of the torture experience, which includes both low-tech and high-tech components -- but even the autopig alone would still constitute torture.  I don't lightly compare things to a Nazi death camp.  [A realtime idiot had to sneer "yes you do" right after I wrote the previous sentence.]  This violation of the human mind really is that bad, especially because it is set up so it can be denied and the victims dismissed.  In 1996 I went on a serious hunger strike to protest such abuses, after all.  I ended it mainly because I worried that when they finally got me in the hospital, their Soviet-style psychiatric staff would come after me and try to discredit me and lock me into that political damage control system.  It is not that I especially wanted to die or would not miss my loved ones, but that the constant rape and harassment is an intolerable form of torture.  Those who have suffered similar harassment, read several of my essays, or just know the vicious truth know that the torturing pigs will harass you from your engagement, to your honeymoon, for anniversary after anniversary, until they finally manage to destroy your marriage.  Then they will sneer at and criticize how you deal with your divorce and the harassment goes on.

Anyway, after being in "echo mode" on "the day that something changed," I wrote out all the autopig phrases I could recall having recently heard (some of which happened as I wrote the list).  So this is a "snapshot" of the autopig from around that time, near Charlottesville, Va.  The more common ones, with large histogram counts, are in red.  If you wrote a program to randomly repeat these phrases, with the red ones occurring more frequently, you would have a fair approximation of the autopig.  Consider what the manipulative intention is of some of the phrases.  Others are just cattle prods applied repeatedly to the brain.

  1. "no opinion"  [started after I began telling Mengele his opinions were worthless, esp. religious ones]
  2. Third World  [autopig that makes a general or specific threat of violence]
  3. "your masturbation technique is x"  [x is any sort of thinking or phrase; I named this autopig Retard]
  4. Sick Pig  [this autopig suggests various sexual sorts of distractions and harassment]
  5. "x is your favorite thing to do to people"
  6. "how important are you to these people"
  7. "yesterday's newspapers"
  8. "x years ago"  [distraction autopig, x is some integer that varies]
  9. "you're a graduate student"
  10. "you volunteered for this position"
  11. "it's very important that you [do|don't do] x"
  12. "you just [won|lost]"
  13. "it's your own fault"
  14. "we'd do anything for you"  [a general feel-good lie]
  15. "touchdown"  [demeaning, like they manipulated you]
  16. "they lost control of you"
  17. "he's an original thinker"
  18. "guarantee"
  19. "guarantee you x"
  20. "you're representing yourself very well"
  21. "Leonardo"  [distraction, while trying to work on a math paper]
  22. "it's not affecting him"  [heard quietly, after I ignored them]
  23. "he wrote the book on x"
  24. "I recommend you [do|don't do] x"
  25. "you are good to me"
  26. "they'll defeat you"
  27. "we'll represent you"
  28. "we'll defend you"
  29. "gezundheit"
  30. "we're out of time"  [like a TV show ending]
  31. "university student"
  32. "put your hands on your head"  [attempt to demean by physical command]
  33. "your histogram is a piece of shit"  [as I wrote down the number of occurrences of an autopig phrase]
  34. "it ain't gonna work"
  35. "no attention to detail"
  36. "attention to detail is pretty good"
  37. "you're an intelligent species"  [perhaps testing for susceptibility to space alien script]
  38. "juvenile detention center"
  39. "that improved you"
  40. "you're our favorite subject"  [like experimental subject]
  41. "you'll be very [successful|unsuccessful]"
  42. "he'll like that"  [I named this one "Report to the Boss" autopig, though the pronoun has no antecedent]
  43. "we're even"
  44. "they can smell you"
  45. "you overplayed your hand"
  46. "I'm right across the street"  [implying the neighbors are the harassers]
  47. "you know you don't have to do this"  [when working on a math paper]
  48. "philosophy teachers are so naive"  [this one has become very popular in the histogram recently]
  49. "we did that in high school"
  50. "what is your name?"
  51. "that saved you"
  52. "spoken like a true patriot"  [trauma/anger conditioned because it first happened during "intimate" conversation with my wife]
  53. "great answer"
  54. "I can smell it"
  55. <place name>  [random place name, West Virginia, Florida, Philadelphia, etc.]
  56. "now it's not gonna happen"
  57. "you're gonna be put in prison"
  58. "they're going to arrest you"
  59. "one percent of the population"  [or n percent]
  60. "Allen bought it"
  61. "I don't think so"
  62. "beautiful religion"
  63. "beautiful religious experience"
  64. "you've got wisdom"
  65. "cell phone"  [simultaneous with when I think the word "self" to myself]
  66. "the oversight committee is looking out for you"
  67. "the underground railroad is going to get you"
  68. "you haven't lived here"
  69. "you've got a good friend"
  70. "they don't know about _______"  [fill-in-the blank interrogation phrase, one of many]
  71. "your brothers and sisters"
  72. "schizophrenia"  [i.e., the voice in my head said I was crazy]
  73. "that's old"
  74. "he went to UVA"
  75. "I'll do anything for you"
  76. "you understand these people"
  77. "weapons of mass destruction"
  78. "this conversation is just about finished"
  79. "frankenstein"
  80. "Allen Barker said x"
  81. "you're number two"  [trauma conditioned from cointelpro religious persecution]
  82. "I don't believe x"
  83. "I owe you an apology"
  84. "you're [really|not] important"
  85. "they were mean to you"
  86. "that's what I was thinking"
  87. "one that will tell it to you"
  88. "prove it"
  89. "we'll be anything you want us to be"
  90. "about time you said that"
  91. "that doesn't have anything to do with you"
  92. "heart attack"  [an example of Third World, trying to induce panic and fear]
  93. "'spoken like a true patriot' doesn't work anymore"
  94. "just like his dad"
  95. "getting used to it"
  96. "conspiracy"
  97. "pitter-patter of little feet"  [goading at genocide]
  98. "I'll give that to you"
  99. "you're a religious leader"
  100. "you obviously don't have any idea what you're doing"
  101. "everybody knows what you're doing"
  102. "you're under surveillance 24 hours a day"
  103. "that girl worships you"  [conditioned to my thinking of my wife, later tried as a trigger]
  104. "good job"
  105. "your military training"
  106. "you're in remote control"
  107. "he's your landlord"
  108. "you need some privacy"
  109. "The United States of America"
  110. "that's something you weren't supposed to know about until you were 65 years old"
  111. "brush your teeth"  [attempt to demean, I named this autopig Red Cross]
  112. "they won't listen"
  113. "you'll do"
  114. "doesn't know what he's getting into"
  115. "he's more important than he looks"
  116. "read 'em and weep"
  117. "you haven't made a mistake"
  118. "self important"  [when I think "self"]
  119. "hit a home run"
  120. "he didn't have to prove it"
  121. "we'll try a reverse-spin conversation in a moment"  [heard quietly, "behind" the other voices]
  122. "you'll get your majority"
  123. "low opinion of himself"
  124. "you're an old man"
  125. "you've got good insight"
  126. "the 11 o'clock news"
  127. "I can't believe he didn't know about x"
  128. "oh, they got you"
  129. "I'm trying to get some sleep"
  130. "he'll make fun of you"
  131. "he is a nice dog"
  132. "you'll live"  [I sometimes then think, "like I'm asking you"]
  133. "you'll get old"
  134. "it's not the government"
  135. "I recommend you do not tell anybody"
  136. "go to bed"
  137. "dude, I'm sorry"
  138. "they'll admit that"
  139. "we were just having fun with you"  [yeah, with trauma conditioning and torture]
  140. "have to give that to you"
  141. "great guitar"
  142. "go play your guitar"  [usually to distract me from doing or thinking something else]
  143. "they're all talking about you"
  144. "we're proud of you"
  145. "your website"
  146. "because that's all they do around here, mess with people's minds"
  147. "I'm beginning to agree with you"
  148. "you embarrass them"
  149. "you've come home"
  150. "slow down"
  151. "walking tall"
  152. "I don't believe you're talking to me like that"
  153. "everyone can hear you thinking"
  154. "you've matured"
  155. "you're a good man"
  156. "you're an old-timer"
  157. "you've got no competition"
  158. "at the hospital"
  159. "no intention of x"
  160. "you were going to be famous"
  161. "a <adj> personality disorder"  [<adj> is for example "beautiful," and lately they like "insightful"]
  162. "he was a university student... we'll give him an A"  [spoken between harassers]
  163. "he worships you"
  164. "they're making fun of you"
  165. "you let us know"
  166. "a protest singer"
  167. "breakthrough"
  168. "we're with you 100 percent"
  169. "you'll learn"
  170. "too late"
  171. "good medicine"
  172. "it's good that you know"
  173. "you're pushing the limits"
  174. "you're from a good family"
  175. "I thought you didn't know about that"
  176. "microwave"  [planting a suggestion of the technology they want you to think is being used]
  177. "you'll get stronger"
  178. "we aren't through with you"
  179. "old insider"
  180. "contradict yourself too many times"
  181. "he's broken"
  182. "you're left-handed"
  183. "your right hand"
  184. "your left hand"  [apparently trying to insinuate that the torturing autopig is just another part of the brain]
  185. "give me an example"
  186. "having fun with your walkie-talkie?"
  187. "we know where you're coming from"
  188. "we forgive you"  [like Mengele the rapist can forgive his victims for anything]
  189. "they all make fun of you"
  190. "they're just children"
  191. "you're doing a nice job"
  192. "commander in chief"
  193. "professor"
  194. "needs to get used to it"
  195. "long time before you saw that"
  196. "how old are you"
  197. "forgive me"
  198. "why they don't kill you"
  199. "you're playing dumb"
  200. "I hear what you're thinking"
  201. "you've got a good brain"
  202. "they were that mean"
  203. "they were brutal"


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