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Part IV - Bayesian Stopping Criterion

Part IV: Bayesian Stopping Critireon and the Optimization Thereom
Allen Barker, March 22, 2003

This is the final article in this series on mind control models, methods, and techniques.  I think it is about finished, and there is not much I have not covered.  I hope the articles help people to understand these issues by providing models, terminology, examples, and language, and that the articles will help to expose and end the abuses.  I also hope they help victims to heal from the abuses inflicted on them.  As a victim of such harassment myself, I have described some things that have helped me to cope with and understand the true, hideous state of affairs.

This last article builds on the basic model structure described in the first article of the series, "Models of Synthetic Telepathy." It also continues some discussion and observations from the second and third articles in the series, "Surreptitious Acoustic Signal Modulation, Voice Projection, and Direct Brain Interface;" also, "Working Models.".  For a list of some of the basic abbreviations used in these articles, see "Abbreviations."

Parts of this current article can be read literally or figuratively, but the torture is completely real as are all the examples.  Remember Part II of my earlier series of articles, "Resisting the Mind Control State," at  If you get angry, focus your anger and don't be goaded into actions you have not fully considered.  Act in awareness, get the right ones, etc.

The first section of this article discusses the optimization theorem and the Bayesian stopping criterion.  Next, there is a section discussing triggers and general concepts related to triggers. Following that I discuss some of the social and propaganda aspects of the US mind control system.  There is then a section containing some general comments and a section containing more of my personal observations of harassment.  Finally, there is an optional postscript on the mixed model for people into that.

The Optimization Theorem

I will start right off by stating what I call the optimization theorem.  What is being optimized with this "theorem" is your resistance to the torture inflicted, as well as your ability to try to maintain your life as best as you can.  The main context being discussed here is dealing with torture by voice-to-skull incoming, but the general principle holds in much wider settings.  It also holds for the lower-tech surveillance-based cointelpro style of harassment, for example.

Optimization Theorem:
It may seem paradoxical, but the best way to take action is to remain completely calm.

This is not the first impulse when subjected to harassment and goading, and it is hard to do.  It does turn out to be the most efficient response.  The best way to slam a fist back at the face of your pig harasser is to remain completely calm and observe it or ignore it.  Work in the real world to agitate for human rights and expose the abuses.  It is like a greedy algorithm in computer science, versus an optimal algorithm.  The greedy algorithm takes the best move in an immediate sense but does not look ahead to take the best overall move.  The optimal algorithm will look ahead and not necessarily make the locally most tempting move.  Try to train yourself toward this imperturbability.  If you do get angry, focus your anger, and let it motivate you to something productive.

Turn off your (internal) moron anticipator.  Recall that the moron anticipator is a thought process that anticipates the likely reaction or response of a moron to something before you speak it or publish it -- or even before you think it if your mind is being raped.  Don't even interpret the pigs' incoming babbling as language.  If the pigs don't get language, don't anticipate language.  Your moron anticipator is probably a lot smarter than them, anyway, and just gives them fodder for more harassment.  They'll feed your anticipations right back at you.  The pig incoming is just a machine, or might as well be.  My microwave oven always says, "Enjoy your meal," after I make tea.  I can tell it 5000 times that I only made tea, but it will not learn.

Don't imbue the incoming, the intrusions, with any meaning.  You've probably gathered all the data that is worth bothering with on that rape channel.  Don't verbalize mentally unless you are doing it for your own self and want to.  Don't explain unless you are doing it for your own self.  If you are not anticipating a moron raping your private thoughts you will not be tempted to waste time and even dumb down your own thinking.  (Of course you still need the anticipator for your public speaking, writing, etc. -- but even there, you don't need to go complete lowest common denominator or absolute most pathetic spin. You can assume some level of common sense, at least the 6th grade level of US discourse.)

You know how they operate.  Anything a retard thinks will annoy, distract, anger, or otherwise get a reaction from you they will throw at you.  Anything they think will traumatize you or terrorize you. Any triggers or anything else they ever see you responding to they'll pick up, bombard you with, and imitate.  For example, I responded on once with sarcasm and anger when the pig said "don't criticize the government."  They put that in the harassment file and still repeat it over and over to this day.  You might call it "the way of the jackal."  This is true in all models, whether RTIs or an autopig programmed by Major Mengele's software people and psychological profilers.

They will not respond to reason or argument.  They may reflect some phrases back, "Eliza"-like, to keep you engaged, but soon they reset the machine and go back to exactly the same things as before.  They will do this on any and every feedback channel (FIP) they can, from voice-to-skull to the internet.  But you know the optimization theorem.  What they hate most is when you ignore them, tune them out, or drown them out, and when you work regularly in the real world to end their human rights abuses.  This is the most efficient response. You can talk to a machine all day long, but then you have wasted another of your valuable days and the machine has burned a few watts of power from the outlet it is plugged into.  My microwave oven says "enjoy your meal" after it finishes cooking something, but I am not tempted to talk to it.  I can try to tell it I only made tea and did not cook a meal, but it will not learn.

The optimization theorem is not a form of "learned helplessness," even though victims are put in exactly the sorts of positions where such responses tend to arise.  The victims literally cannot escape from their tormentors, who truly do abuse victims like an experimenter shocking a dog for weeks on end to see how long it keeps on jumping. If the victims die, freak out "psychotically," or commit suicide that is just amusement and data to them -- perhaps making the experiment a resounding success.  But human beings are not dogs, and have not only fundamental, inalienable human rights but also the power to reason. The optimization theorem is the result of reasoning about the true situation, and which variables victims currently can and cannot control.

Knowing the optimization theorem intellectually is easy.  Acting like you know it is difficult.  The pigs use every playground trick ever invented to goad, taunt, harass, and annoy you.  They sink to any level to attempt to demean and manipulate you.  They want to anger condition you, in addition to trauma conditioning you.  Emotionally, also, it is heavy, oppressive stuff to know that there are other "human beings" in your own society who not only want to inflict such suffering, but actually do it to you each day for their gleeful sadistic pleasure.  Inside your "private" home and even inside your mind.  They are the equivalent of Auschwitz guards; it is that level of depravity.

There are many similarities to the Holocaust, but there are also important differences.  Open repression versus secret, covert, deniable repression.  Being driven to suicide vs. shot or gassed and burned.  People controlled in their brains by external pigs versus locked up in concentration camps.  The pigs don't even have to feed and house their distributed concentration camp victims.  I heard one pig in the background of the incoming say one day -- and I do not know the full context -- "she does what she's told."  In a purely physical concentration camp at least the victims still have their own private thoughts.

An important difference from a physical concentration camp is that the "walls" are, to a large extent, psychological ones.  At least for now, victims still have some control over their own minds -- which are the walls of the camp.  It is as if by concentrating and focusing their attention someone in a concentration camp could dissolve the gates and guard towers, and perhaps expose a few Nazis also.  Not that this is easy at all, and it in no way shifts the blame to the victims for the hideous atrocities inflicted on them.  There are still physical effects like Delgado buttons and voice-to-skull transmissions.  There are basic conditioning effects that are "hardwired" into human physiology, and real physical damage from torture, harassment, and stress.  And of course there is all the low-tech cointelpro stuff that accompanies and intensifies the other harassment.

Emotionally, there is still that death camp air.  You look at people and you know.  You saw groups of them conspiring to drive you to suicide or make you an empty, controlled, mindless, husk.  All while others stood by doing nothing or even cheering it on.  The ignorant and expedient who know something of what is going on often rationalize that the victims somehow "deserved it" -- while the true criminals as bad as the worst on any death row are treated as respectable citizens and live among normal people.  This can lead to a sense of apathy after a while, and disgust with human nature altogether.  These people were fellow countrymen, and often "friends" and acquaintances -- or even family members.  So there is a strong element of betrayal trauma along with all the rest of it.  I hope the learning curve for some other victims can be cut down to the point where this does not happen, and they can learn all of this before their lives and anything they still care about are completely destroyed.  I hope these essays help to take away the elements of surprise and secrecy that tend to keep the walls in place, and reduce the learning curve for other victims.

Bayesian Stopping Criterion

Besides remaining completely calm and working in the real world to expose and end the abuses -- as in the optimization theorem -- at some point you should start training yourself to completely ignore the mind control harassment as much as possible.  (That is only the goal, don't feel bad or blame yourself if it is difficult in the face of all the abuse.)  When you are first harassed you typically do not know what is going on, and so even if you remain calm you still need to study and observe what is being done to you.  You need to know, and don't want to be manipulated by it.  At some point, though, you have gathered enough data so that you have the picture pretty clearly.  A million examples, no counterexamples, call it a rule and be done with it. Measurements and observations have a cost associated with them.  In Bayesian analysis this is known as the Bayesian stopping criterion. It is based on the concept usually referred to as diminishing returns.

Below are some sample internal dialogs.  They are meant to illustrate the points and provide examples, rather than to tell anyone how they should think.  People have their own thought styles in their free minds.  Don't be afraid to think anything, even if it is something that tends to set off a pig barrage.  If they get one little wedge in there they'll try to open it wider.  Don't cede one millimeter of your free mind and free thought.

This first internal dialog is an earlier one, before the stopping criterion was reached.  Imagine RTIs and autopigs babbling their gibberish and trying to play psyop mind games in between each sentence.  This would be stretched out over some time period or would be a period of intense torture incoming.  Between this you would try to have your normal mentation, as normal as possible under the circumstances.

shut up, pig.  did that fool anyone?  how about that one?  pig babbling gibberish.  we all know how they operate.  did that fool anyone?  what's the Cameron number on that one?  shut up, pig.  PBG.  that's an autopig of one variable, simple syntax transformation.  that damn machine.  it's a machine, with a few RTIs.  shut up pig.  that's 30,000 times conditioning that crap.  that was an SCP triggered by a bad parse.  list-reading monkey. that was one trick pig trying to feed back my anticipation.  that's timid boy, trying to induce anxiety.  trigger abbreviation.  my entourage of simulated borderline retards.
Below is a sample script of some more current internal dialog.  In it you don't care what they even tried to say, or whether it was an autopig or an RTI.  Again, imagine a pig trying to say something, the usual garbage, between each sentence.  Each sentence cuts off a pig or even anticipates it before it spews its garbage.
kill it.  that one too.  and that one.  kill that one.  I don't care what it tried to say.  kill it.  cut their pig throats.  I don't care.  kill that one.  I don't care what model, and I don't care how it happens.  kill that one.  kill it.  it doesn't matter what kind of lies and BS come out of their pig snouts.  cut that one's throat.  kill that one.  kill that one too.  no exceptions.  it doesn't even get language, it just gets its pig throat cut.  kill it.  kill it.  kill that one.  bad parse, kill it anyway for trying to say something, that's even better.  kill that one.  kill it.  kill it.  fake ambient, kill that one.  kill it.  first metaphorically, then literally.  kill it.  find it, make it dead.  kill it.  what is that one's name and home address?  that's all, kill it.  I don't care how it happens.  I don't care what model.  I don't care what it tried to say.  cut that pig's pink pig throat.  track that one.  lock on.  fire.  I don't care, pig.  find that pig and kill it; that's all that one ever hears.  I know how the machine operates.

It doesn't matter if they're RTIs or autopigs in this script, internally.  All incoming gets cut off with the same thing.  You do not bother after the stopping criterion to even sort them into RTIs vs. autopigs.  In that sense it is model independent.  If it is an autopig rather than an RTI then kill it means kill the machine operator and anyone else involved in the real world, and metaphorically any influence it has in your brain.  Train yourself to just cut them off.  It works literally and metaphorically, internally and externally, for RTIs and autopigs, and for all models.  It is so model-independent it is scary.

In addition to the usual autopig babble, there are also certain phrases that tend to be stereotypically repeated after you "respond" to one of their primary phrases.  Some examples: "took you a long time to see that," "are you sure" (a timid boy variant), "that helped you" (operant conditioning positive reinforcement), "made you respond." These occur just as mechanically as the primary phrases, and typically because they saw you respond even once, or you once let the phrase slip by as a "legitimate" incoming.  Kill these ones too; don't imbue them with any meaning either.  They are just there to keep you listening -- they've never sent a 6-digit protocol confirmation either.

Alternate the above "kill it" training with periods where you completely ignore them, and "say" nothing to them in your internal dialog.  This is the goal, but sometimes you need to train in the "kill it" mode and shift into that, especially if you have heavy incoming.  If you have to do that all day it is better than listening to one rapist pig babbling.  I call a temporary shift to "kill that pig" mode "taking a coffee break."  If you find yourself tempted to respond, or distracted, go back to the above and train yourself some more to cut the pigs off and, most importantly, don't even consider what they try to say.  It is not even language, it is a nonconsensual cattle prod to the "ugly spot" on your brain where that incoming arrives.

Nature and source, and sensation.  Optimization theorem.  When you are completely calm and their crap does not affect you at all their BS just hangs in the air, sticking out like a sore thumb.  It does not even get meaning.  It then tends to fade out and wait for another chance when the jackals think you are vulnerable or need to be punished for a thoughtcrime.  At some level you are aware of it even as you ignore it, because you don't want to be subliminally manipulated, but it is off encapsulated in some distant zone that has no effect on you.

Any time you want to switch modes to completely ignoring them, invoke IFT to clear out all the previous mental crap.  Come into the present: Poof, you're there.  If you notice you're thinking thoughts that are unproductive or that you don't want to be thinking (like being influenced by externals), invoke IFT, poof them out of existence, and come back to the present.  Switch to "kill it" mode if necessary.  (Or whatever works for you; that works for me.)  "This is my free mind, and I can think anything I want right now.  What do I want to be thinking?"

Pattern recognition is a beautiful field of study.  But I mean really, just with common sense, how many repetitions does it take before you see the pattern?  If you see it, how long does it take you to act like you know it?  Do 10,000 repetitions suffice?  20,000?  More?  When you see how they do it it is not that complicated, just vicious and jackal-like.  At that point it is nothing but Chinese water torture. A dripping faucet forced to the brain can inflict the same torture: drip, drip, ... drip.  When they want to punish a "thoughtcrime" they intensify the goading, and similarly when they want to degrade your performance in working on something, etc.  This is the "rheostatic capability" of the torture device as a variable aversive stimulus and performance-degrading weapon.

Don't worry about a false reflection -- or any reflection of your private thoughts off of a thought-rapist, for that matter.  By NPT you do not care about a rapist Nazi pig's opinions.  If you are on a baboon safari in the midst of baboons, you do not care what they are hooting at you unless you are studying baboon hoots.  You can still gather data, but at some point that should become almost automatic and calmly detached.  After a few years of mind control torture there is not much that can surprise you.  Disgust you, disappoint you, anger you still, but not surprise you.

Kill the pigs.  First metaphorically, then literally (though if you can do it literally first it will save you and probably a lot of other people some trouble).  If they are 70 years old 40 years from now, kill them.  Wiesenthal on those Nazi pigs.  I don't care what model and I don't care how it happens.  (Barring some actual justice in the meantime where the pig is sent to a humane prison cell.)  I mean that quite seriously, with whatever influence I have in whatever sense.  I don't even have a "need to know" how it happens for those purposes (though I do have a "need to know" what all has been done to my body, mind, and health).  These pigs torture people to death for entertainment, and they will keep doing it until someone slits their damn throats or locks them up.  That is a sad fact, but not liking it does not change it.  How many more people are going to be tortured if they are not stopped?

Is the FBI going to "visit" me for calling for literally killing some sadistic torturers it insists "do not exist"?  Who use torture implements it claims do not exist (but which it knows do)?  For calling for some action to do what should have been their job of ending domestic torture and arresting the torturers?  Even if the torturers work for the government -- or especially if they work for the government -- the FBI is one agency that should have taken care of this a long time ago.

If it isn't a six-digit numeric, kill it -- and even then it's your discretion.  The sadist pigs torture for entertainment.  They try to destroy people's minds and drive them to suicide.  It is a repeated and ongoing conspiracy of torture and attempted murder.  Kill them.  First metaphorically, then literally.  Get the right ones, though, and don't be misdirected by their psyops.  Kill them.  You don't care what they tried to say.  The very fact that the pig nonconsensually and intentionally intruded on your free mind: kill them.  But do it on your own schedule and the way you choose to optimize -- don't be goaded or taunted into actions.  Optimization may not even involve you literally killing them, but rather working to facilitate that or otherwise stop them; remember Part II.  In any model, they've weaponized nonconsensual access to people's minds, trying to turn citizens' minds, accessed against their will, into battlegrounds.

In the usual sorts of spin that one might anticipate being used against this essay, people might insinuate that this is somehow against my religion.  But I do not belong to any religion which tolerates its people -- or any people -- being tortured or made into slaves.  Some might spin that I am hypocritical because I am "advocating the same things the pigs do."  But I am not.  Don't torture them, kill them humanely.  I'd prefer they end up in humane prison cells, but for the time being the routes to that sort of justice are being obstructed.  There is also a false symmetry implied between torturing, slaver-like exploiters and those who would help the victims.  Between people committing vicious crimes and those who would use necessary means to stop them.

For victims it is purely self-defense, because it is clear the pigs are trying to murder them every day and will not stop unless forced to.  Some people may misapply or misconstrue what I am saying here, but I cannot worry about how every moron might misunderstand or misapply (purposely or not) the things I write.  We are talking about literal, ongoing, protracted torture and the sadist torturers committing these acts.  And we're talking about justice.

There are sadistic pigs in this world who try to torture me to death and inflict any sort of psychological damage they can.  That is just the way it is right now -- my not liking it does not change it.  It is understandable to feel some sadness for the pitiful pigs and wonder why they are so sadistic, vicious, and stupid.  But it is a waste of time -- and that is for the RTIs, never mind the machine APs.  They'll play off of even the emotions of pity and contempt, jackal-like. Don't be fooled by the clown suits and never Stockholm syndrome on the torturing pigs.  Even the obsolete Model 100 autopig is still Chinese water torture, dripping from a high-tech faucet.  Kill the pigs responsible, metaphorically and literally.

We all know now how they operate, so no one will be surprised.  They won't stop unless they are made to.  They may back off a bit if the heat is turned up, but soon enough they'll be right back to it. They'll even keep using the exact same triggers on me that I have written about here and described to everyone.  It is similar to a scene in the movie "Jackass" where the practical jokers are annoying a golfer by sounding a loud sound every time he gets ready to hit the ball.  They keep doing it until he gets so mad he decides to drive a ball straight at them.  When he gets ready to hit the ball at them and draws the club back they set off the sound again.  That is the sort of harassment, the level of the big superpower's domestic political control torture techniques.  Except it is inside people's minds, 24 hours a day.  In their homes.  Destroying their lives.  And the harassers cower in their hiding places far away inflicting the harassment.  Instilling the triggers to be passed along to those who can use them to repress deniably while acting like the blood is not on their hands, too.

Triggers and Related Concepts

A trigger is some verbal phrase or sound (or image, etc.) which has special significance to a victim.  It is a stimulus that has been selected or conditioned to cause a response in the victim.  Very often it is a linguistic stimulus.  Classical conditioning is often blatantly carried out to condition a victim to associate trigger words with trauma.  I have had hateful-sounding RTIs spend hours in torture sessions trying to condition me like Pavlov conditioned dogs -- except with the desired response being trauma.

To get an idea of how triggers work by an extremely un-subtle but close analogy, imagine the following.  Consider a Paraguayan detention center of a few decades back, with brute torturers using direct violence, electric shocks to the genitals, cattle prods, etc. (and perhaps a CIA "adviser" looking on).  Now suppose a victim in this detention center is undergoing a torture session.  Each time the torturer zaps the victim with a cattle prod he shouts out "beautiful pleasure sensations."  He does this over and over.  Now suppose the victim survives and somehow escapes.  The victim is still in a society set up to deny that the torture center down the road even exists.  If the victim starts to speak out she may open up the controlled newspaper the next day and read a story alluding to her and repeating the phrase "beautiful pleasure sensations" a few times.  People may walk up behind her on the street and mutter "beautiful pleasure sensations."  If she responds with outrage and anger she is ridiculed. Most people do not know the situation of why that innocuous-sounding phrase would make her respond like that, and they may be so naive as to think torturers would never do that to conceal their vicious crimes.

Much of the whole current mind control system in the US is based around triggers.  Once a trigger is instilled, that is only the beginning of it.  Note that a trigger is not necessarily a strongly conditioned phrase (SCP) but strongly conditioned phrases tend to be triggers.  For example, they may trigger you with some words meant to remind you of a traumatic situation they observed or caused and have it work the first time.  If so, they'll tend to repeat it over and over, resulting in a trigger that is also a "psychic driving" SCP. Here are a few other trigger-related concepts:

trigger reinforcement -- This is where the trauma associated with a trigger is induced by the trigger and then tends to further reinforce the trauma conditioning.  It is a vicious cycle: Trigger, trauma, further association of the trigger to the trauma, trigger again, etc. (If you anticipate a trigger they also tend to quickly send that trigger to reinforce your anticipation.)  If they think they see you experiencing any strong negative emotions like fear, trauma, or doubt, they'll jump in with a trigger to both reinforce the trigger's negative associations and to intensify your pain and distress.

trigger abbreviation -- This is where a trigger is shortened to just one small part of the original trigger phrase.  For example, it may just be the first word of the trigger phrase with its characteristic inflections.  Other abbreviations are possible, in the general sense of associative keying of triggers.  SCPs tend only to need a hint of a key presented to evoke the full trigger and concomitant response -- and before long the abbreviation works as well as the trigger itself. SCPs leave strong "attractors" in the space of brain flow, as a form of brain damage.  Even just the characteristic rhythm pattern of an SCP will tend to evoke the phrase.  Random events also tend to evoke SCPs, a fact which acts as a "torture multiplier."

trigger speedup -- This is where the trigger phrase is speeded up.  It is very similar to trigger abbreviation, and still tends to evoke the response.  They presumably hope to "slip it by" your conscious awareness of what is going on.

trigger transfer -- This is where a secondary trigger is conditioned to the conditioned response of a primary trigger by pairing them.  It can also occur in a slow evolution of a phrase like children's sing-song taunts slowly morphing into other phrases and nicknames but keeping the same meaning.

trigger export -- Once a trigger has been instilled in a victim, anyone can use it.  It will tend to set off a trauma response or other unpleasant reaction in the victim.  So the direct torture squads instill and induce triggers in victims and then pass trigger lists on to higher-level operatives.  These agents can then use the triggers against the victims without "getting their hands dirty."  After a few layers of trigger transfer, the resulting trigger will seem innocuous to someone who does not know the torture conditioning that has gone into it.  That is part of why they purposely use trigger transfer. These "innocuous" (i.e. deniable) triggers may be worked into propaganda, internet messages, or street theater, for example.  This turns out to be a very common control technique for suppressing mind control victims in the US, and it is obvious once you see what they are doing.  This may be part of why they seem to prefer linguistic triggers.

A common source for triggers is surveillance of a person's home or mind.  Certain codewords tend to appear on a FIP alluding, for example, to what the victim did the night before in "private."  If the victim responds, such codewords may be treated as triggers and further conditioned.  By the way, once you know you are under conspicuous surveillance they will then start to insinuate that they know some other things from the surveillance, such as that your spouse is cheating on you.  That typically is not true, but has the obvious intention of trying to destroy the victim's family and personal relationships.

Much of such conditioning is blatant anger conditioning: Those conducting the surveillance want to taunt the victim with their power to violate the victim's privacy and induce anger.  There was a court case a few years back where a reputed mobster was placed under surveillance.  Those conducting the surveillance would follow him on the street and repeat things to him like what his partner said during sex.  The obvious intention was to demean and anger him.  He actually won a lawsuit to curb the harassment, unlike the many ordinary citizens subjected to similar and even more egregious abuses.  Yes, they would do that, they have done that, and they still do that.

Another common thing is for codewords to imply some sort of terror, extortion, or blackmail threat: to reveal something those conducting the surveillance think you will fear having revealed, to do something they think you fear might happen, even to harm people.  With the threat to embarrass, for example, they typically don't actually reveal their raped information except perhaps in whispering campaigns or insinuations.  What they really care about is the threat and the potential to manipulate the person with the threat -- as well as their important goal of maintaining deniability.

Many victims report intense bouts of cointelpro-style harassment when they first come under assault.  The other sorts of mind assaults often accompany the cointelpro attacks or are gradually added.  Then for many victims the cointelpro-style low-tech harassment subsides to a lower-level background while the other mind control assaults, voice-to-skull, etc., continue.  I have long suspected that this is quite purposeful.  The idea being to first massively traumatize the victims and induce PTSD and other torture sequelae in order to make them more susceptible to the mind control harassment.  Hyper-alertness and rational paranoia can accompany such torture, for example.  ("They really are out to get you.")  This might "prime" the victims to be more sensitive to the more subtle tortures and psyops that they otherwise would not notice as readily.

Conditioning introduces a bias in the lower-level sensory data processing.  This is the hardwired, Pavlovian sort of layer: anticipating, responding.  The higher levels have to be aware of this (consciously one might say) and take it into account.  To train oneself take such biases into account and hopefully uncondition the responses -- or at least understand that's all they are.  This holds in all situations, but is purposely aggravated for the purpose of torture and manipulation in the case of conditioning with psychic driving SCPs.

Sometimes Major Mengele comes up with some phrase that he is just sure will cause trauma -- presumably by studying the transcripts of your torture sessions and applying his psych training.  He then gives this information to the RTIs and the autopig programmers.  The phrase is then repeated over and over, even if it doesn't actually work.  They are so hopeful about some phrases that they just keep repeating them, presumably because they think they should work.  For example, after they finally destroyed my marriage and my wife decided she could not live with a mind control torture victim and activist any longer, they started repeating, "you're impossible to live with," over and over and over.  The intention was obvious: Taunting that they ripped my wife away from me and hoping to tap into the trauma of that separation.  It was so transparent to me what they were doing and what they intended that it did not work, but they kept repeating it.  They'll also chant over and over other phrases like "you can't have no kids" to try to anger me based on their family-destroying abuse -- literally, that is what they do.

The pigs try to induce new anxieties and exploit any existing anxieties you might have.  They want to always stay cowered in their bunker but inflict the maximum psychological trauma on their victims.  If they think you are worried about microwaves (or will become worried about it), a favorite autopig phrase to send at you is "we're microwaving your whole family."  Literally, they sent that one over and over.  To me it has almost become symbolic of how they will sink to any depths to induce trauma in their victims, by saying anything, as long as they can stay hidden in their bunker.  How many victims were there who got traumatized and terrorized with that, when there was no microwave and only a vicious psyop?  How many got hospitalized or driven to suicide?  Not that I would entirely rule out the microwaves or any other of the new technologies being developed and tested, but typically they'll lie about even that so you think it is something else.  Even if you think they are testing such technologies on you, panic only makes things worse.  It is horrible but you almost have to come to the point where you just shrug and observe, say, your heart beat irregularly a few beats.  Are they going to murder me this time?  They've already killed me over and over.  The optimization theorem applies here, too.

Victims, Society, and Propaganda

The suicide inducement squads attack you with third-grade taunting machines, in secret.  They subject you to torture inside your home. They sleep-deprive you.  This goes on for years.  Then if you write the truth in the appropriate language for the crimes against humanity being committed, they'll criticize you for not writing some dry academic tome.  If everything I say is the case -- and it is -- how should I respond, react, or write?  The academic tome might let me play at some sort of externally bestowed "respectability" that I frankly don't need to worry about, but it would also be placed on a shelf with other academic tomes to gather dust and no action.  When I try to write a math paper or write computer code I get increased harassment directed at my brain.  So what is the priority, the most important thing to work on?  How should atrocity sound from someone under torture?  When I also know that they torture many other people in the same way they torture me?

When they insinuate that a torture victim should be "diplomatic" they really mean you should shut up or at least become easier to ignore.  How diplomatic is their goddamn third-grade taunting machine?  I call them pig filthy Nazi pieces of human garbage because that is what they are.  They torture people to death for entertainment, profit, and political control.  They want to portray themselves as all clean and dainty, while they have paid their thugs to drag their victims through the pigsty.  How "diplomatic" was Frederick Douglass when he excoriated the abominable US institution of slavery?

The pigs seem to think if they can pick some citizen, harass and torture them, and install various trauma-conditioned triggers, then they get to "keep" them as slaves.  If the victim speaks out, the pigs spew trauma triggers and psychic driving triggers intended, presumably, to re-traumatize the victim into silence.  A curious thing is how in the larger context the conspirators seem to use the same codewords and triggers almost as a symbolic language or a "currency" among themselves.  There do seem to be different political factions even among the conspirators.  Maybe they're trying to reinforce their conspiracy, rallying sadists.  Spreading triggers.  Perhaps they are trying to intimidate any co-conspirators who might develop a conscience.  Who knows.

The victim, seeing this, may be tempted to be dismayed at just how widespread the conspiracy is -- though be sure to calibrate relative to a "normal" background as discussed in "Mental Firewalls."  The actual smear against the victim is really nothing, just as Mengele cannot truly discredit or impugn the morals of a victim he dissected and exploited.  Often you need to stop and think: Anyone who knows what the trigger is at all, in the first place, almost surely knows that too.  "But wait, if they knew that, they'd know that too" exposes many of the fallacies of the harassers.  If they know about the codeword triggers and the conditioning then they also know it is a vicious human rights abuse.  We basically have a conspiracy of secret slavers trying to hold on to the free citizens they have abducted and treated as their property.  They have experimented on, harassed, manipulated, exploited, and profited from these human beings.  The whole coded load of crap is their way of trying to maintain their secret atrocities, their crimes against humanity.

They'll "rate" you as if your attempts to end ongoing torture and human rights atrocities are some sort of entertainment.  They'll torture you 24-hours-a-day for years and then, if this performance-degrading weapon works at all, they'll play at being critics of your "performance" -- treating the torture as if it didn't exist, of course.  This includes your private life in your home as some sort of "performance" for voyeur/spectators, not just your public work.  They view every action you make in living your life and trying to succeed and accomplish something as if it were only part of their sordid "game" that they dragged you into.  The want to keep their victims suppressed and keep them from positions where they will have a voice or any real influence -- all because the victim got dragged into the torture in the first place and it is self-perpetuating.  They don't want their victims who resist to succeed at any endeavor -- though they don't mind exploiting them and stealing from them anything they can.  If you speak that truth, even after they've harassed and tortured you for years, they'll sneer that you're just making excuses.

Where you would think any ordinary person would long ago have stopped beating a dead horse, propagandists just keep on going with the same tired triggers and insinuations.  Perhaps they figure with their greater distribution power they can repeat something over and over to make it "more true" (when it was all BS to begin with).  Perhaps they do not want to change the triggers because they have invested so much effort in trying to get their audience to pick them up from the repeated subtext.  And invested hundreds of thousands of Cameron repetitions to condition the victims.  But as above, those who know what it means also likely know how phony it is.  So what is it really saying?  Is it like some "Heil Hitler" declaration of allegiance to the Gestapo?  Is that the true meaning?

The pigs exploit your desperation.  You are under torture.  You are rightfully desperate.  The "bad Nazi" is harassing you.  So the "good Nazi" has an opportunity.  The "good Nazi" keeps promising to help you.  As a torture victim, you tend to keep paying attention to the "good Nazi," because there is no alternative.  In the "real" world no one even knows (or admits to knowing) what is going on.  You are under an intolerable torture.  The "good Nazi" exploits this.  The "good Nazi" can even turn "bad Nazi" from time to time and the victim will stay tuned in, because that seems to be the only hope.  The "good Nazi" will promise help and anything else, as long as it is only between the lines or otherwise deniable.  The "good Nazi" can appear on any FIP, for example as another voice on the nonconsensual voice-to-skull send.  Or it might be a collaborator on a normally legitimate channel -- pigs at a Mockingbird newspaper, for example. But if you buy the bait they dangle to a desperate human being under torture, they then start trying to manipulate you.  Whoops!  If only you hadn't done that!  Well, your freedom was all lined up if you hadn't done that!  Your basic human rights will be restored soon, if only you will...

Why would anyone listen to some pig voices in their head once they know they are externally induced?  Except to track down those harassing pigs and kill them?  It is more than obvious that they are not "friendlies," that they are quite intentionally violating people's minds without consent, and that they try to inflict harm.  They may be Russians for all you know.  It is far more likely they are other Americans -- but that is hardly any better.  People get furiously angry if you cut them off for a parking place, but somehow when strange voices invade their brain and either harass them or try to direct them they act like it is nothing...  People tell their children not to talk to strangers, but then these pigs invade their little heads, too.  And people either think this is somehow normal or are afraid to talk about it.  (And Americans have the nerve to taunt the French as "surrender monkeys," etc.)

It takes a nation of millions of idiots to produce the third-grade taunting machine.  "Puritanical" prudes who practice sadistic, voyeuristic, serial rape in secret.  And people dumb enough, duped enough, intimidated and cowardly enough, complicitous enough, or just plain evil enough to do nothing as the big superpower third-grade taunts its "free" adult citizens.  The pathetic clown suit does not hide the vicious psychological manipulation and Chinese water torture of citizens in their homes and minds.  Their rape violations are not really about sex, though they are obsessed with it; the violations are about power and trying to demean people and strip away their dignity. This is the "secret weapon" with which the big superpower tortures its own citizens.

General Comments

These days, in thinking, I tend to have a habit of considering certain conclusions across different models.  Are there model-dependent assumptions there, or does it hold in all models?  If it passes a quick test for model independence, I say to myself, "put a star by that."  That assumes the "usual" set of models which I run things against.  Recall that a model independent conclusion or decision does not depend on the assumptions of any one particular model, so is stronger in that sense than a model dependent conclusion.  You can put more faith in it and act like you know it, without worrying that you'll have to backtrack if you change models (even hypothetically, in conditional evaluations).

A slightly weaker condition than model-independent (or model-neutral) is "model-interpretable."  Model interpretable means that you have to interpret the situation slightly differently in the different models, but subject to that common-sense level of interpretation it holds in all models.  An even weaker condition I call "metaphor-interpretable." For some situations metaphor-interpretable is good enough; for others you want model-independent or model-neutral.

The thoughtcrime known as applied logic.  There is no such thing as a thoughtcrime.  Only some fascist who wants to dictate what and how people are allowed to think.

New named RTI/AP: "one trick pig" rapes your anticipation, bad parses, or pre-verbal and feeds that back at you -- usually in a pure syntactic rearrangement.  Don't let "one trick pig" unnerve you.  This pig (or algorithm) is similar to people who try to anticipate and finish your sentences for you, except it is on an illegitimate rape channel and has pure evil intentions.  It typically doesn't even understand what it rapes.  It hopes to grab something from your own thinking and reasoning process that it can incorporate into a trigger which will get a reaction from you.  Or else to reinforce your anticipation of existing triggers (trigger reinforcement).  In this way they try to turn your own fears, anxieties, and anticipations against you, to create new triggers for their trigger file.  They are feeding pieces of your own thoughts back at you.

I can just see the PowerPoint slide shows the Mengele-pigs give in secret Nazi meetings, describing their nonconsensual human experimentation on the domestic population.  The "brave warfighters" hiding in bunkers are helping to keep us "free" by torturing helpless domestic citizens so they can study:

  • stress responses
  • decisionmaking under stress
  • "anomalous phenomena"
  • behavior control
  • neural prosthesis and thought cloning
  • conditioning and verbal triggering
  • linguistic behavior modification
  • covert hypnotic suggestion
  • sleep suggestibility and dream modification
  • sleep deprivation
  • electromagnetic bioeffects
  • stimulus-response measurement and modeling
  • behavior modeling and prediction
  • fake paranormal deception operations
  • etc.

I'm sure they give a completely different PowerPoint presentation full of lies to the legislators and other officials who pretend to have oversight powers on such activities.  If they even bother to tell them at all.  They may just not mention it, or claim it is too secret for Congress (except perhaps for their lapdogs there).  They similarly keep the truth from anyone in any other branch of government or position of oversight or funding with any sense of decency and responsibility.  In reality, they are running a treasonous covert political control operation in the domestic United States that surpasses in reality even Orwell's imagination.

[A pathetic spinner would try to distract from the main point here and create divide-and-conquer rifts by insinuating that I am smearing Microsoft by mentioning PowerPointŪ.  Or maybe I typed a bad word a few sections back in describing torture, and that is supposed to distract from the literal atrocities being described.  They literally brought obscenity charges against papers which reported the My Lai massacre in Vietnam.]

Here's a practical, low-tech countermeasure against audio harassment to try.  It is working on the symptoms rather than the cause, but I have found it to be helpful.  It has its own appeal for those with an ear for music:

  • get a CD changer with 5 (or more) slots
  • get some CDs from artists you trust with your mind
  • set the player up for repeat play, random or sequential, as per your tastes
  • keep it on as background, and tune in to it when you feel distracted by the other crap
  • change out the CDs when you feel like it

No commercials, no announcers, and so no worries about any harassment hidden there.  No surprise songs.  Just good music (presumably, by the fact that you selected it).

This will hopefully provide some level of relief, at least while you try to heal from the injuries of previous assaults -- along with the ongoing assaults.  The harassers don't want victims to even be able to relax; they want to keep the sparrows flying until they die from exhaustion.  One wants to be able to ignore the Stasi-like pigs' harassment, and it is unfortunate that you cannot just enjoy the sounds of quiet in a "free" country, but don't be masochistic.  They try to shove people into second-class citizen status with constant harassment inside their homes.  When subjected to this you need time to heal, and music can be healing as well as helping to mask the torture signal.

Further Empirical Observations of Their Methods

In the previous articles of the series I described some of my own observations of the sorts of technologies and techniques they have used on me.  Here I present some further observations and analysis.

In further observing the audio harassment, I think the "cricket algorithm" illustrates a general method they use.  Recall that in this harassment they speak some harassing phrase, syllable by syllable, with each syllable triggering off of a cricket chirp.  "Your mas tur ba shun tech nik...," for example, with each syllable following right after a cricket chirp.  (To use one of their favorite pathetic third-grade taunts as an example.  Yes, they really do that to adults in their homes in the US.  Pure water torture.)  This exact same thing occurs when listening to recorded cricket sounds, and changes with each playing.  They've tried to synchronize it to fool me into thinking it is on the tape, but they cannot deal with random starting places on the tape and tend to start the phrase from the beginning regardless of where the tape is.  The same algorithm also tends to be applied to the pinging sounds that certain trucks make when backing up, for example.

On further observation, that also seems to be how they synchronize the voice send with things like the refrigerator.  It seems as if they first localize some roughly periodic part of the signal and filter out the rest.  They then threshold that signal and trigger syllables off the peaks (rising edges, for example).  Another technique, for basic "hum" signals, seems to involve first localizing the frequency band of the hum.  They then take the RTI or autopig audio and limit it to that same frequency band.  They then send this frequency-limited signal voice-to-skull.  Sometimes the frequency-limiting is quite blatant.  The same "voices" and phrases tend to occur on all the different frequency bands, as well as on the cricket algorithm.

I'm still not sure how they give the illusion of directionality to the signal.  It may be some property of the ear or auditory cortex that they are exploiting.  Another possibility I've considered is that they may be using a Fourier series sound representation but using one of the ambient frequencies as a fundamental harmonic component.  I still do not rule out that some of the harassment may be actual modulation of the ambient.  They could easily be using several techniques.  I also suspect that sometimes they may modulate the power line only to increase the hum, rattle, and periodic components of things like appliance noise -- which they then overlay with the voice-to-skull cricket algorithm or the frequency-limited hum algorithm.  This would give them more bandwidth in which to hide their "subliminal" signals -- or at least with which to misdirect those victims who consciously noticed as to the signal's true source.

Another observation I have made is that during times of strong, obvious incoming there is often a noticeable scalp sensation.  (It is not obviously there all the time when there is incoming, though.)  Whether it is cause or effect or something else, I do not know.  Maybe it is some communication transmission passing through the scalp in one direction or the other, or some other side effect.  Maybe it results from the part of my motor cortex controlling the scalp being influenced.  Maybe the scalp manipulation is even the primary effect, and over time has been trained into language recognition.  Or maybe it is just some random effect which has become conditioned to the torture, like a certain tension that accompanies the recognition of torture.  Etc.  One way to test this would be to somehow completely anesthetize the scalp, deadening all muscle reactions, etc., and see if there is any lessening of the incoming.  (This assumes they don't have a secondary, backup channel on which to deliver voice, and assuming the scalp effect actually does have anything to do with it.)  I'm curious if other victims have noticed a similar thing.

The old (obsolete) Model 100 Autopig, with its Third-Grade Taunting module.  They still use that thing, though.  Same scripts and all, just like they tortured me with all last summer.  Like you booted up an old TRS80 from 1980 and ran the same old software.  Same old lists of triggers and crap.  Same old scripts.  Fake ambient distractions that get set off to try to thought control you out of some line of thinking.  Same old simple syntax-level transforms on the trigger list and the raped thought-data.  Autopig phrases of 0 and 1 variables. It's clear also that the machines cannot deal with metaphor or irony -- they don't really "understand," they just respond like a state machine.  There also seems to be something like a nearest-neighbor algorithm to find the "nearest-trigger" or "nearest SCP" to what you are thinking about.  I can just view it from a distance now, since it is so pitiful and they've repeated everything 100,000 times.  It would be laughable except that it is a serious, serious human rights violation.

Different voice models on text-to-voice, and a text file full of trigger strings.  And a simple genetic algorithm syntax generator in the trigger search algorithm.  The "fitness" function of this genetic algorithm is to maximize a trauma measure in the torture victim.  Bits and pieces of the syntax and the limited vocabulary in the trigger and autopig data file are randomly recombined to form new sentences.  They also mix in words and phrases taken from your own subvocalized thoughts and anticipations.  Strings are plugged into the autopig phrases of one variable.  Mostly the result is stupid crap that only annoys you because of the repetitive violation and the transparent intention.  They hope that once in a while the random search will find a new, improved trigger for them to use to control and manipulate you.  If so, they add it right to the file.  Blackboard systems. Production systems.

If it is not a machine or machine-aided, how many full-time idiots does it take to harass a single citizen under severe harassment?  Who is paying their salaries?  All day and all night.  The same "voices," largely.  Repeating the same dumb phrases over and over, with some simple syntactic transformations and limited vocabulary.  A five-year-old has a larger vocabulary than all of them put together.  That is not the way real people think in their minds, even idiots.  If it is not a machine they are probably more conditioned with that crap aimed at me than I am.  Likewise for any "audience" in an audience model forced to "hear" the same psychic driving and triggering crap.

One phenomenon I have noticed about the harassment is that it is very attention-driven.  I do not know enough about the attention mechanisms of the brain to speculate on how this happens (and I don't expect open science does either).  But the harassment tends to occur when you pay attention to something, or when you anticipate the harassment from past experiences.  It is sort of a "think of the devil" phenomenon.  If I hear a particular sound and focus my attention on it then about a second later they'll often start to voice-modulate it.  But don't be afraid to think anything, even if you suspect it will set off a third-grade taunting.  If you are afraid to think anything because of harassment you are definitely not free.  If you fear thinking one thing, they'll leverage that into two things, then four things, etc.

The harassment is not all attention-driven.  Sometimes it is attention-distracting.  When thinking of one thing you notice them blatantly start the voice modulation on a noise source you were not paying attention to before -- or even sending voice-to-skull in the plain.  It is like they want to get your attention, to distract you, and to get you to start listening to their abusive manipulation audio. This often tends to happen when thinking political thoughts the pigs may consider "thoughtcrimes," or when making a breakthrough in something like a math proof.  And sometimes just when the jackals think they can annoy you or want to aversively condition (punish) some behavior or thought.

Optional Postscript: Mixed Model

As in several of the earlier articles I will end with an optional section on the mixed model, for people into that.  The usual caveats apply, that I do not think this is the actual model but discuss it for the reasons given in previous articles.

Many people do believe this model is the true one, for whatever reasons.  Some do not know, however, that the pure natural model is obsolete.  The harassers try to exploit this as a psyop.  I know that the harassment I undergo is technology.  It is not that I am "just sensitive" and thus subject to "psychic harassment."  But I see certain propaganda trying to insinuate that this is all just "sensitive people stuff."

Even if that were the case, it would still be torture.  People are purposely inflicting torture on other people, in any model.  The machine-like jackals purposely intend to cause trauma, and suicide if they can.  It is a torture algorithm whether or not it is literally carried out by a machine.  If it were "real psychics" doing it, someone would have to pay them to do it, because they do it all day long and all night, day after day.  The same boring, repetitive, harassing phrases as if read off a list.  It sure doesn't sound like someone "thinking."  Often synchronized with the natural sounds in the victim's environment, and remaining the same even when the victim drives hundreds of miles away.  That does not sound like a natural psychic.  I do not think my refrigerator is psychic.  But even if it were, it would still be torture and those pigs would still need to be tracked down by whatever means.

But suppose the mixed model holds, and that there is some natural psychic component in addition to the technological techniques.  In this case, then, there must also be a huge conspiracy of silence about such abilities if they are anything more than just very vague intuitions or occasional sensations.  That is, if such abilities come anywhere near the blatant, constant things mind control victims report experiencing.  If so, then this conspiracy of silence has been turned back against the conspirators with technology.  If you can't talk about telepathy -- sending or receiving -- then you can't complain when someone points a voice-to-skull device at you and starts harassing you with it.  If you do not know the technology exists, you may not even understand what is really being done to you in the first place.  How convenient.

In such a society, anyone with the covert mind control technology can torture and harass with impunity, by hiding behind the psychic conspiracy and mimicking psychic phenomena.  Curiously, this works whether psychic powers exist or not, in any population of people who believe they exist and believe they can't talk about them.  The psyop agents on the voice-to-skull would be quick to reinforce this belief if they thought a victim were susceptible to it.  That, and the victim would tend to be scoffed at and dismissed, and would have any lawsuits tossed out of court.  [Of course if the mixed model really does hold in any significant way then many concepts of mental illness need to be seriously reexamined.  If we hypothetically assume certain facts then we also have to consider the logical consequences of those facts.  If the mixed model does hold in a significant way then psychiatry has been abused as a cover for both cointelpro-style harassment and for maintaining a "psychic conspiracy."]

Let's don't be naive: There are plenty of people in society who would just love to have this power and would use it with no qualms whatsoever.  Look at how many vile people use date rape drugs, for example.  Mind control experiments go way back, as do harassment operations and techniques.  If they can plausibly deny they are doing it, they will tend to do it, however unethical, immoral, or criminal.  If non-negligible natural psychic powers really exist, you can bet the CIA, NSA, DIA, former-KGB, and various other agencies have known about them for years.  Such people also tend not to believe in magic.  They have a lot of money available, and plenty of amoral, unethical scientists.  First the secret science lab would figure out the physics and the biology of how it happens.  These findings would then be sent to the secret engineering labs, where engineers and technicians would build machines based on the reverse-engineering of the biological effect.

Remember also that if such natural powers exist they constitute a potential information path of communication and influence.  Some people, on hearing this, immediately think political control.  They do not want any such channel to exist if they cannot control it.  Thus they would want to dominate it, and suppress any psychics whose thoughts or ideas they did not like.  I have called this "psychic cointelpro," carried out by "psychic suppression units."  One could presumably suppress a psychic with just ordinary harassment, as well as with high-tech methods.  Being able to control such a person might be even more prized.  (And who might benefit, politically or otherwise, if psychics were beaming out terror and trauma instead of living ordinary lives?)

If there is a conspiracy to keep true psychic powers secret, then, it has long outlived whatever purpose it might once have had.  It has in fact become a danger to the conspirators themselves -- who have had it turned back against them.  Those who might now maintain such a conspiracy maintain one that can be used to control them, as well as others in society.  If a natural psychic responded to another natural psychic, for example, the technological jackals would observe and measure that.  They would then start imitating ("spoofing") the signal like a mockingbird to try to manipulate things.  Do the "true psychics" really benefit from their powers, anyway?  Or is it just some feeling of being in a secret club, a sort of supremacy for people without much else?  The kind that makes for some of the most virulent racists?  Something to consider in the hypothetical, if unlikely, case that the mixed model holds.

The pure natural model is definitely obsolete, if it ever held.  The standard model exists now.  It seems like everyone has a cell phone now, and networks like the internet span the globe.  In the near future your daughter's earrings will be always-on cellphones and her necklace will pick up her silent vocalizations like an artificial larynx.  That is just one possible embodiment of consensual synthetic telepathy, with open, commercial technology.  They are currently marketing soda machines that can send directed ultrasonic sound to passersby.  Neurophones, implants, modulated microwaves, advanced sensors, the list of technologies goes on and on.  The secret sector already has technology well beyond this, which can be applied nonconsensually.

Now that technology has started to move into the frontier of the human brain and mind it is vital that we as members of a supposedly civilized society maintain basic principles of consent and human rights.  These are expressed in the Nuremberg Code, the Bill of Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention Against Torture, and so forth -- as well as being tenets of basic ethics and morality.


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