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Psychic Powers and Mind Control
Sidebar to Part III: Mental Firewalls and Models of Synthetic Telepathy
Allen Barker, Feb. 17, 2002

There are a good number of people in society who think they have psychic powers.  Even though a psychiatrist might call this schizotypal, or perhaps a belief in special powers, that is only the bad religion of psychology.  The truth is that no one really knows.  From my point of view people can hold whatever religious beliefs or beliefs about the world that they choose to hold.  I personally do not believe it, but there is a small chance that there are some of what are called "psychic" powers.  I think, though, that people often do not understand their own intuition and the nature of time.  That and an old-fashioned Nazi conspiracy explain what I see in the world.  Given that plenty of decent people hold the view that there truly are psychic powers, though, this sidebar is about how that relates to mind control.  Please understand that the issues of technological mind control do not go away or really change according to whether or not there are "natural" psychic powers.

First of all, psychic powers and ESP are the perfect psyop distractions from mind control.  You rape someone's brain all the while telling him or her that it is a "natural phenomenon."  If the victim buys it, you have a cooperating, though duped, subject.  A victim who complains of electronic harassment and surveillance might be dismissed by some as just a "psychic harassment victim."  Besides acting as a distraction from the issues of people being tortured, talk about psychic phenomena serves to discredit those who do so publicly. This is because of the ridicule that goes along with the subject among those who decide what others are allowed to think.  Another very important point is that psychic phenomena can serve as a cover lie for the testing of electronic and other mind control weapons, devices, and techniques.  That may make the population of people who think they have psychic powers especially vulnerable to the predators who scour the domestic population for human beings to test weapons on.

Let me assume, for the remainder of this sidebar, that there are some psychic phenomena and consider what follows from that.  Consider a form of weak telepathy, for example.  We know it is either weak or else there is a huge conspiracy of psychics trying to hide their powers.  Consider the authentication protocol from the main essay, "What is the cos(1999)."  Suppose Joe across town is psychic.  Can he not receive such a simple message and manage to transmit back four digits?  I have not seen any evidence of any such useful or verifiable information.  I can easily send the same message in email, though, and soon will be able to have a device in my eyeglasses to do it from anywhere.  But an interesting point which arises is that at the abstract, mathematical level both "natural" and technological methods of telepathy or remote knowledge work out about the same.  We're only haggling implementation and strength.  The basic nature of the human mind and communication stay the same, as do in fact most experimental techniques one might use to test for either.

Clandestine mind control research should concern psychics even more than ordinary citizens.  Many psychics would like some scientific proof of the existence of such phenomenon.  But when Nazis are on the rampage with technological methods of mind control, such experiments are essentially worthless.  The experimental design has not ruled out such technological interference, influencing the results either one way or the other.

On a more sinister note, it is naive to assume -- if there truly are useful and powerful psychic powers -- that the secret government labs have not been all over them for years.  The black budget labs would have dissected all sorts of "psychics" by now, making measurements all the time in order to technologically mimic what the psychic accomplishes.  It is not magic.  It may not be describable by current "open" physics but it is not magic.  So if we suppose it is not magic then one has to wonder what sort of progress has been made in secret and how that knowledge is being used.  What if it were politically desirable to "jam the psychics," to keep them from thinking in their natural mode of thought?  The human brain can only put out less than a watt or so of power.  The outlets in your home deliver far more power, and a secret transmitter somewhere could put out gigawatts.  (And does electropollution have any bearing on this?)

Suppose that even more progress was made than just finding the mode of transmission and a method for jamming it.  Suppose the actual modulation method of such transmissions were discovered, as well as how to generate them.  Then what you have is a bunch of people hardwired to receive relatively weak transmissions which go straight to the core of the psyche.  What better mind control method?  It was already there in the first place, it just had to be hijacked by Nazis and employed against the natural psychic community.  You would end up with the usual "natural" psychic signals but with a stronger technological signal superimposed over it.  A technician wearing a psychic amplifier (or with such a device implanted) could outpower all the natural psychics.

Taking this a step further, a government could deploy its new hypothetical EWAR psychic phenomena detectors to track down the sources of psychic emissions.  These would be human beings, of course, with the equivalent of a GPS lock on their body's location.  Their thoughts could be read technologically -- any that went out on the "psychic channel" at least.  This data could then be placed on a worldwide computer network, stored in a database, or processed in any other way that data can be processed.  Natural psychics would also "hear" any technological broadcasts that mimicked the psychic signals they had the "gift" to be able to receive.  What a setup for exploitation...

Even if we consider that the "mystical method of psychic transmission" has not been, or maybe even cannot be analyzed and reverse engineered into technology, there is still the issue of the weaponization of psychic space to deal with.  It is no secret that governments have researched this area for some time, perhaps as more than just a psyop distraction.  Some of the details of things like "remote viewing" that have come out are ridiculous, like where a subject is given a seemingly random integer "coordinate" and somehow knows what location that corresponds to here on the rotating earth spinning through the solar system.  (Perhaps the integer is really the label of the technological experiment being conducted...)  But let me continue to assume that there is some real natural phenomenon there.

Those who torture human beings by utilizing psychic space are every bit as bad as those who would do it with technology.  One can hope that some more mystical spaces can take care of themselves, for example that the threefold law would be descriptive of what happens to those who use psychic space to inflict harm.   Nonetheless, if that law ever once held it may need some extra help these days.

That is about all I have to discuss on the issue of psychic phenomena, so I will end with a list of a few things I ponder sometimes when I assume the hypothesis that "natural" psychic phenomena are real.

  • Are natural psychics afraid to talk about the experiences?  "Hey, I just heard someone think X, did anyone else?  Send or receive?"  A few people discuss such things but if the phenomena were widespread then that leaves many people not talking.  Is there a conspiracy of idiots?  Are some people unwitting psychics, perhaps not consciously or verbally in touch with it?
  • Why can't even two psychics, a sender and a receiver, put on a convincing, statistically significant demonstration?  Surely two out of however many there are would be amenable to scientific testing and the advancement of knowledge.  A double-blind card reading/guessing experiment should do it, modulo any external technological interference.  Do the other, conspiracy-of-silence psychics always know what is going on and jam such efforts?
  • How strongly spatial or distance-based are such phenomena?  What is the usual radius of effect, and what is the maximum?  Is there the usual bell curve of abilities in this realm also?  How does ability change with age?  Is sending different from receiving?  Can training affect either?  How can a person block such a channel at a time when he or she does not consent to it?  If such phenomena exist, why can't you go to the library and find credible answers to these questions?
  • Could some people act as "repeaters," spreading a wave across a population?
  • What about the people locked up in mental wards because they claimed their thoughts were being broadcast or that they could pick up telepathic messages?  Are some of these people really psychic?  Wouldn't that be a human rights violation?  Does no one care?
  • What a luxury it would be to worry just about natural psychic phenomena if you were under technological electronic harassment.
  • Just like with a wide-field technological device sending to many people, would you know if you were sending or receiving?  Would you know if the guy next to you was sending or receiving, or if you were both receiving the same signal?
  • If psychic phenomena do exist, does time have any bearing in that domain like we expect?  How would you know it is not a dead person or a person from the future you are connecting with?
  • Wouldn't it be presumptuous to get a little psychic glimpse of someone's mind and think you really knew anything about them or what their thoughts meant or what they were going through?
  • If the "power to read men's minds" is so valuable, why does the psychic work stocking shelves in a department store?  Not that that isn't valuable and honorable work, but why not poker championships?  Why not other applications of the talent?
  • If only certain people's minds can be read, perhaps it is their talent to "transmit thoughts into your mind" rather than yours to "read men's minds."
  • Doesn't it seem like a connection such as a psychic link would make people more compassionate and empathetic?
  • Could the people in Nazi Germany hear the psychic cries of a room full of men, women, and children being gassed to death in what they were told was going to be a shower?  Did the slaveowners have psychic connections with the slaves they degraded and demeaned each day?  Were they entertained?  Disgusted?  What did they feel?

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